18 Best Bangs Hairstyles for Black Women


If you prefer to go for a medium-length haircut, you may consider getting Bardot inspired bangs along with a soft blended balayage. You can make a bold statement by having bright burning red hair and curtain bangs. You can use a hairspray and retail the sexy wavy structure. Blunt line with a curtain fringe is characterized by different textures. After getting this hairstyle, you can sweep hair from either side and make you look great.

We love these short, choppy bangs paired with “seamless layers,” which add so much life to previously limp curls. Marjan suggests spritzing a shine serum and scrunching it into your hair if your strands tend to be lackluster. Tight hairstyles, including braids, twists, buns, and ponytails, can all result in traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a type of baldness that occurs in areas where the hair is constantly tugging on the scalp. Avoid bald spots by switching up your hairstyles often and giving your hair a break after it’s been braided or twisted for a while.

According to the before and after videos that we can’t get away from, this famous fringe works with various lengths and hair textures. So, can curly girls participate in the curtain bang trend? When it comes to styling, maintaining, and even cutting curly bangs, we’ve got you covered. It’s impossible not to have the right amount of poise when you wear this long, straight sew-in style. There’s always a soft spot in every lady’s heart for a middle-parted trend, too.

It’s safe to say this is the hottest new trend within the curly girl community. This long twisted black ponytail accessorizes easily with different colors of wrapped yarn. The bangs are twisted as well and meet just above eyebrows for a neat yet feminine style. To make them look fresh you need a regular touchup and a cut. Also, you can simply give them a blow-dry to style them up. Short, choppy layers like Sarah Hyland has here can create the illusion of side bangs without the effort involved in styling.

You’ll love this if you’re into playing around with a look that gives you a sweet and youthful edge. The texturized half updo creates fake layers while it flaunts more of the waves in this haircut. cool minecraft pfp With a deep side part and an eye framing fringe, this style is best described as captivating. It’s all about sleek locks, so get your strands perfectly straight with a few passes of your flat iron.

These bangs are so cute that you will have heads turning without a doubt since the bangs really accentuate the front of your face. They look great on short hair and longer lengths. After all of the curls have cooled, run your fingers through the curls to break them up and create a voluminous look. Spray generously with hairspray to keep your hair looking big and voluminous all day long. A half-up half-down look with curtain bangs is absolutely gorgeous. Section the top half of your hair away from your bangs.

You don’t always need to go in for extensions or heated hair tools to sport a bob. This trendy look that has been done on natural hair is absolutely gorgeous and low maintenance. The volume added all around your head by this bob makes this look feminine and fun. Olivia Pope – ahem, I mean Kerry Washington looks absolutely divine in this mid-length bob. To achieve this look, she has simply curled her hair away from her face and straightened her fringe. The effect thus created is soft, elegant, and classy.



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