20 Stunning Blue Hair Ideas You Should Try


The subtle hints of purple add dimension to this color blend. When it comes to hair colors, you can go as bright or as understated as you want. This interesting hair color is a blend of a dark, smokey blue and a muted purple shade.

This is by no means an easy look to pull off, but it is one that is a lot of fun and will get you lots of attention. This hair dye would be difficult to create, but it obviously is not impossible. This is a really fun look and is especially very current. You are likely to see a lot of colors similar to this one in 2018 as more and more people are getting brave with their hair and having some fun with it. Peek-a-boo highlights are also really cool when done in blue.

My goal is to have it look as close to my natural color and to aid in the process going grey as comfortably as possible. A frosty blue hair shade is perfect to make winter a little more fun or brighten up your summer. Whether it’s on silver-blonde hair or blended into darker roots, ice blue hair is a chic way to cool down your hair color. It is an easy hairstyle, but still, one you can do a lot with. This would require blue hair dye for dark hair as it is such a dark blue. It is a really fun cut and one that is very trendy right now.

Another way to introduce a blue-black hue to your mane without committing to all-over color, try adding a blue-black money piece to black hair. The face-framing highlight will add visual interest without making too much of a statement. From Jennifer Lawrence to Katy Perry, everybody has tried their hands at the platinum blonde shade. It creates a contrasting effect that looks very smart. If you don’t want to go all loud and bright with fiery red, then this is the perfect color for you.

Black roots flow into blue-black ends for a subtle result that’s undeniably pretty. Take our 1-minute hair color quiz to find and virtually 3b hair dreads try on your personalized Garnier shades. To replace the color after it faded, I DIYed my hair dye while I was staying in a hotel.

In fact, purple and blue hair is a fantastic idea, as the contrasting colors complement each other. This look has attitude, and it’s strong and fierce! If you want this color you need to know the commitment blue black requires. It’s one of the deepest colors you can go to, and removing it is very difficult. If you’re a dark-featured woman, it’s so easy to maintain.

Since silver is a tricky color to begin with, and you’re rocking a multi-toned look, color correcting your strands can be a challenge. No worries though – our Color Consultants have got your back! Send them a pic of your current hair and a pic of what it looked like fresh from the salon at [email protected] My beautician colored my hair and my roots have a red Nd lighter than my color. Whe used a color of 7NnA , i haVe some red she was trying to cover with the ash in 7NnA+.



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