30 Best Purple Hair Ideas for 2022 Worth Trying Right Now


How cool is this perfectly icy look with denim ends and silvery roots? Dyed ombré hair can be ultra-soft and glam, rather than severe—especially when paired with tousled beach waves. This look goes from dark blue to a gray shade near the ends. While you’re rocking your bright and colorful blue and purple hair looks, make sure you leave your hair straighteners to one side.

You might even want to consider using them to get your color off to a good start too. You can easily switch-up and touch-up the color at home yourself afterwards. It’s getting going that is often the hardest part. When you switch to a dramatic, unusual color, everything in your life changes a little, especially your styling routine. However, we’re not talking about the right care products for your colored hair this time. Now, we’d like to focus on how your new sultry color will show itself in various hairstyles.

Bright pink roots are shockingly bright and beautiful. It’s a stunning display of some vibrant colors that will sure to be eye-catching this summer. Try this vibrant hue on goddess braids.We love how this vibrant deep cobalt blue color looks against dark skin and when paired with goddess braids.

Deep fuchsia and purple colors that are fading into deep blue will make your hair look bomb! Ask your hairdresser to experiment with techniques of applying the dye, and you will love the final look. This is because blue and purple make people think of happy and bright things. This color is perfect for brunettes with cool undertones.

This is another medium blue that is more subtle than some of the other blues you may come across. When it comes to hair dye, sometimes you can’t have enough of it to get a look like this. You would need multiple shades of blue as well as a blonde hairstyle to start out with in order to get this exact look.

A fling with the harmonious green could make it look lively on so many levels. Who knew healthy greens could be the next inspiration for hair color but we’re not complaining. After all unlike the rest, leafy locks can look edgy yet calm at the same time. If you decide to go ahead with ombre, we have listed down pretty ombre shades to make your hair color journey easier.

If you love pastels, then you are sure to love these colors. There is a light blue on top that turns into a purple. The colors are soft and wonderful; you will love them.

This light blue ombre is a great option if you’re a natural blonde. The style starts out platinum at the roots then gradually gets bluer. The contrasting blue and purple striped hair stencils are a surprise element. These purple and blue styles are like looking at the starry sky. There are many ideas that you can have when it comes to such vibrant colors. You won’t find colors more beautiful than these.

The pastel blue shade is a great idea when you want to upgrade your bob cut and add something very unique to your image. The light blue hair gets some unexpected edge thanks to the black roots. The blue in this style is stunning, to say the least. The blue is breathtaking because it’s so bright and the pink looks amazing on it. Choose an amazing shade and make sure that you get an experienced stylist that knows how to do these bright colors. You don’t want to go to an inexperienced stylist because if a mistake is made, then your hair could turn out to be a mess.

Just know that unless you have light-colored hair, you’ll need to bleach your ends first to get this baby-blue shade, which isn’t exactly gentle on your ends. If your hair is bleached and you use a semi-permanent dye, it can last for months. Bright color washes black girl curtain bangs out quickly and you are left with the light blue shade which is the hardest one to get out of hair. You can fix it by using purple shampoo every time it starts to turn green. Then this bob hairstyle with blue and purple ombre might work great for you.



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