#37 Episode 5 S3 Grizzy In Da House! ft Grizzy from Grizzy’s Hood News by Inside The Northside Podcast


One horrifying stunt went awry led to a man’s death on the US 59 in Houston, Texas. A 25-year-old man had somehow gotten atop an 18-wheeler and was dancing while filming himself underneath a series of freeway overpasses. Video captured by Grizzy’s Hood News and posted to Facebook showed the man’s final moments. Prior to the man’s death, he was recorded dancing on top of the truck and ducking to avoid being struck by the concrete of the overpass.

In this week’s episode, i have my friend Chris back on the show and we discuss what’s happening. Sports, video games, social issues, memories of our time working the warehouse and how our lives have changed somewhat. In this week’s special episode, I reflect on the the whole year i’ve been doing Inside The Northside Podcast and the fun times i’ve had doing the show . Thank you to all my supporters and listeners who have been behind the show since DAY 0 & DAY 1. Sent her a video about clear discrimination and concern for a minor by a HCSO deputy. Don’t recall the real media picking it up.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been on the podcast and has made this journey amazing and fun. In this week’s episode; Camera Cult is back on the podcast! We talk about new music, our love for yacht rock, some upcoming shows planned and why Phil Collins is the GOAT. I sit down with local Houston artist Gammy Gonzz. We discuss how he started his musical journey, what it was like being in a very musical household and why he doesn’t like Dr Pepper and Chocolate Ice Cream. You can find Gammy on Instagram and his music wherever you listen to music.

In this week’s episode, I finally get to have a good friend of mine on the show after almost a year. We talk about our time at THE SCHOOL DISTRICT, share some stories and whatever. If there is news happening in the “hood,” or anywhere else in Houston, “Grizzy’s Hood News” is there. And, if she’s not, she’s posting videos or photos from her thousands of followers, known as the “Hood News Peeps” on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Talked alot about sports, music, movies and random stuff. Thanks to my cousin for being on the show. Dont forget to like, share and follow Inside The Northside If we said something messed up, we are sorry. You can find Tino on social media and his music on Spotify and wherever you listen to music. Downtown Houston has a charm that I cannot explain. When I have the luxury of spare time, I enjoy exploring downtown on my bicycle.

A Texas man died last week after he was knocked off of an 18-wheeler he was dancing on top of along the US-59 Eastex Freeway,Peoplereports. Had some technical difficulties and had some noises that i know will be heard. In this episode, we talk about how things are SLOWLY getting back to normal for us here in Houston. We also talk about some very important things about mental health, how it affecting us and how we can be there for each other during these hard times.

Having a following that is so diverse as individuals and then diverse in location is What helps my news page be of service to most parts of Houston. As the following expands, I am able to represent what’s going on in most of the city. Running a news page by myself takes a lot of dedication because things are always happening throughout the day. There are times I wake up having had only maybe four hours of sleep the night before.

Yeah the comments section on Grizzy’s page is probably less crazy than most of the major national news sites, not to mention Chron or any of the local TV stations. “I always like to give a shout-out to local businesses,” Castillo said. She has been working very hard in recent weeks on a Christmas toy charity drive. She also recognizes area businesses that support the community with charitable activities. She records her news stories on her phone and drives to crime scenes in her own vehicle.



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