5 Exercises from Arnold Schwarzeneggers Workout to Help You Get Bigger Arms


He almost always started his shoulder workout with the dumbbell overhead press, barbell overhead press or behind the neck press. After his heavy overhead presses, he moved onto a variety of isolation exercises for his front, side and rear delts. The typical triceps superset included barbell skull crushers and one-arm overhead extension.

At his peak, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bicep size of 22 inches. This was thanks to a mixture of high-intensity training techniques that helps to shock the muscles into great. While these were his favorites, he also practiced high volumes of basic free weight exercises.

His front raises even go all the way to 12 o’clock, sending cringes through modern-day personal trainers worldwide. Pressesare great for the anterior head,lateral raises and upright rowvariations will hit medial head, andreverse flyes and rowswill have your rear delts popping with that 3-D shoulder look. Posterior head –The ‘rear’ muscle of your delts lies just above your triceps. It kicks in during movements where you pull your upper arm behind you, like when you grab your wallet. Personal trainerscan help walk you through your shoulder workouts to make sure you’re on the right track. Once your form is mastered, you can safely build up your shoulder strength, injury-free.

This was the only way he could train each body part at least twice per week. Arnold Schwarzenegger is renowned in bodybuilding lore for more paraguard cleanse results than his arms. However, there’s absolutely no shame in considering his biceps and triceps the best in the business, even to this day.

With over 600 movements and exercises videos, you can be sure to perform the movements correctly for optimal results. Continue pressing the weights entirely overhead, bringing them together at the top. In the locked out position, the weights should be nearly touching and your palms should be facing forwards, identical to a standard dumbbell overhead press. The Arnold press is a variation of the standard seated overhead dumbbell press.

Aside from promoting muscle growth, a twice-a-week frequency is recommended for superior strength gains . For example, you’ll do two workouts per week that target the chest and back. Because the exercises that work these areas of the body utilize different muscles, you can train them more intensely without having to dedicate an entire day to each muscle group. The neutral-grip overhead press maintains your palms facing each other and your shoulders angled towards the front throughout the movement. One advanced muscle-building technique that can be very effective with the Arnold Press is mechanical drop sets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a huge fan of the flat barbell bench press as one of his primary pec-building exercises. He and Franco did the exercise together, pyramiding the weight up, often doing heavy sets with 400 pounds. The pair would then gradually strip the weight from the barbell until they ended up with an empty bar. Like supersets, drop set training isn’t necessarily any better than performing straight sets when it comes to building muscle. But there is also some evidence that drop sets can help improve muscular endurance and stimulate the growth of type I muscle fibers due to an increased amount of time under tension.



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