5 Time Blocking Templates To Help You Get More Done


As seen in the image above, you can organize your time blocks right away in Clockify’s calendar. After creating an entry, the app also allows you to drag the edges so you can extend or shorten the time for that one block. As you modify your time block, in the bottom right you see Clockify shift your entries in 15-minute increments. It makes time edits that much quicker, without having to enter time manually.

This template has enough spaces for writing down both the time of a particular set of activities and their description. This planner sheet is perfect if you’re working on a large project, or if you’re working on perfecting your professional skills. This monthly schedule template is great if you have a deadline for a project by the end of the month, and need a clear overview of the work you still have to finish.

What is known for certain is that time blocking has always been used by great thinkers. Online you can find a variety of free time blocking apps that provide a wide range of functions. But the most popular and simple way is time blocking with Google Calendar.

Time blocking may also be more challenging to implement if you’re in a sales role. Salespeople traditionally have to field a lot of calls from customers and frequently have to relinquish control over their calendar when that happens. They still may like to plan some blocks, but in reality they will often be at the mercy of other people’s schedules. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, every task should have a label.

You can even create “conditional blocks” of time you can tap into if you fall behind. Dividing the day into blocks of time with each block dedicated to accomplishing a specific task or activity and only that specific task or activity. If you want to bring order to your projects, this Excel calendar template is perfect for your workspace. It includes the days of the week and provides space for the project name so you can see more of your work.

You can copy this time blocking template and use it for your own use. A time blocking schedule template can provide the guidance you need to begin using this method today. bixby lumos Prioritize daily and weekly tasks with our time block template. Then, plan out long-term projects and record detailed next steps with templates from our Community.



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