6 Things You Need to Know Before Your CFA Exam Updated in 2022


Testing centers do not allow water and snacks during the exam, so check with your testing center to find out what food options are available to you during the lunch break. As a backup, borrow or buy a second identical calculator. You could leave your screwdriver in the locker as a last resort, and a proctor will accompany you to your locker to collect it if necessary. Then, you will be offered two pencils and scratch paper . Depending on your testing center, you may be provided with an erasable writing tablet instead. To get additional scratch paper, you must use all available sides on the one previously provided to you.

You should only have your locker key, passport, two pencils, scratch paper, and calculator on your desk. At this point, the attendant will ask you to verify your name and test type on the monitor. You will use a mouse to navigate around the screen and be instructed to raise your hands to alert the attendant if you need more paper or pencils or have some other issue.

Planned the best travel route to the test center on exam day. Plan the best travel route to the test center on exam day. Eyeglasses, earplugs and wristwatches are allowed into the exam room, but mobile phones, cameras, computers, tablet and bags are not permitted. You can bring your wallet, keys and eyeglasses case into the exam room but they must be kept in your pockets, along with any gum, medicine or tissues.

The exam conducting body will contact the candidate within 24 to 48 hours regarding the request of change in exam centre. The final allotment of CFA 2020 level 1 exam centre lies in the hands of exam conducting body. The change in exam centre of CFA level 1 exam is subject to the availability of seats in that particular exam centre. After approval of CFA level 1 exam centre change request the candidates can download their updated exam admit card from the official website. Since CFA is a tough course to clear, you’ll need a coaching institute like Zell Education that will help you with the preparation for your CFA exams. Once you’ve enrolled for the right coaching program, practice and persistence are key to passing the exams.

Before entering the test room, you will be asked to turn your front pockets inside out, raise your sleeves, and lift your pant legs above your ankles. The attendant will use a wand scanner and scan your front. After how much are the bars at planet fitness which, you will be asked to turn around and place your hands in your back pockets and the attendant will complete another scan. This process will occur anytime you leave the test room, including the break.

Your scheduled exam appointment to allow for the check-in. If you arrive late, you may be refused admission and you will forfeit your exam fees (they are non-refundable and non-transferable). First, complete all recognition/recall questions and skip those requiring time-consuming calculations. Know that all questions are scored the same, so get the easy ones out of the way. The test interface will show you which ones you have not answered or were flagged for review. A headset is provided to reduce any noise in the exam room but you may prefer some during your break as well.

Personal belongings that you bring with you on your test day such as your jewelry, wristwatch, mobile phone, wallet, bag, etc. must be kept in a locker outside the testing room. #7 – Do practice exams like crazy, preferably timed to simulate exam conditions. A good rule of thumb is to complete for 4-6 sets of practice exams in the last month. Beyond knowledge of the CFAI curriculum, the exams are also a test of clear communication and self-expression.



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