9 Crazy Trending Hat Hairstyles That You Must Try


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This is a great way to fake a naturally curly hairstyle when your strands are on the wavy and curly side. The hat hairstyles have a rich history that dates straight hair curls at the bottom back to before the first world war. Women liked wearing hats back then, and even today they would like to style their look with a hat from time to time.

If you’re feeling like this, try curling your clavicle lob! Give your curls a magazine-finish gloss by spraying them with a glossy shine spray. We love using Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hair Spray because, in addition to adding shine, it’s lightweight and helps more your hair more manageable. We recommend that you only wear fedoras on days that are less than hot. Fall, winter, and spring are perfect times for this heavier hat.

Aside from being practical , hats instantly make any outfit super-cool. That said, if you have a music festival coming up and are dying to wear your new boho hat, try pairing it with one of these hairstyles. From denim, tie and dye, and color-blocked to snake skinned leathers, crochets, pastels, and blacks, bucket hats are a treat for every mood and occasion.

Usually, the baseball hat hairstyle is known to be casual or street style, but you can jazz it up. You could wear the baseball hat any way you want because it looks phenomenal in every way. There you have your inspiration dose for your hairstyles with hats and caps. Pick your favorite cap here and you`re all set for some #instaworthy photos.

We will let you know what works for you so working with your personal style can be the fun part! Check out men’s hat types that are perfect for long-haired men. Luckily, when it comes to sifting through all of the variety out there, we have made it easy by compiling different types of hats suitable for long hair. You can create effortless curls with just a headband.Another heatless curling option is the headband curls technique. Wear a cotton headband around the top of your head and tuck your hair around it. Sleep in this headband fashion overnight, and in the morning, when you release your hair, you’ll reveal effortless curls.

There are different types of hats and hat hairstyles for you to choose from, so don’t worry about not finding your style. This article has curated information about hat hairstyles and all the different ways you can style your hat hairstyles. The sailor hat style is very easy to pull off, and you barely need to add anything else to it.

Fedoras originated as the hat of choice for working, professional men who wore suits everyday. Today, they work as an accessory in a variety of occasions, especially casual ones. Throw one on top of your shoulder-length locks and enjoy the defined and polished look that it creates. Of course, your hair will be damp afterward, but the hat hair will be gone.

Move about 4 inches down your ponytail and add an elastic. Continue the process until you near the end of each ponytail, and secure the last elastic leaving your ends free. Wear a vibrant bucket hat to complete this protective style. Fake it till you make it.Alternate the direction of each curl to create the ultimate naturally curly hair look. Alternating the curls will make the style look more effortless and natural. If you notice, naturally curly hair doesn’t all grow in the same direction!

Adding a low ponytail and soft ribbon will only complete the look further. If you’re looking for a casual look and not a costume or cosplay vibe, add a boater hat to your medium-length hair for a casual outdoor summer event. Pair your naturally textured hair with a laidback summer hat while working in the yard or traveling the countryside on your next vacation.



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