9 Unique Traditions of Christmas in Ecuador


It’s meant to honor the memory of friends and relatives who’ve passed away. In Ecuador, this is done with the preparation of guaguas de pan and a purple corn and fresh fruit drink called colada morada. Guaguas de pan are made with a sweet bread dough, similar to brioche, and sometimes stuffed with sweet fillings.

They are eaten year-round, and are a typical side dish or snack served during holidays. Guatita is a Saturday and Sunday morning favorite commonly served with white rice, curtido, avocados, and hot sauce. If you like some heat in your food, then you can enjoy them with a good drizzle of aji criollo hot sauce. Pescado encocado is traditionally served with white rice and fried plantains. If you’d rather not have it with sweet fried plantains, then it can also be served with green plantain chips. The white rice is a must as it’s the best way of soaking up all that deliciously rich coconut sauce.

It’s best to make the custard while the dough is resting. Remove them from the pan one at a time using a slotted spoon or spatula. Remove from the heat and allow to cool down for a few minutes. Take half of the dough and roll it out on a floured surface until you have a thin layer of dough.

Fry for about 20 seconds per side, until browned, then slip to the other side with a pair of tongs until it has browned and crisped on the other side. Transfer to a plate or baking sheet covered with paper towels. So much for 5 minute meals and 3 ingredient recipes. Especially around the holidays, when we have that extra bit of time, and we want to spoil the people we love. These sweet fried treats can be a guilty breakfast, an afternoon snack, or a well-deserved dessert after some late-night caroling.

Our passion is exploring the history and heritage of food around the world. Here you will find easy-to-follow cultural recipes, highlighed with info to connect you to the dishes you cook. The oxtail in spanish mexican bacalao symbolizes Jesus while the beans represent the twelve apostles. They can vary from cook to cook but common beans and grains used include lentils, peas, corn, habas , and chochos .

I think that the reason why meat that has been frozen dries out is that it absorbs water from the air. This is why frozen meat is much softer when you break it into chunks to cook. So meat that has been frozen will take longer to cook and dries out more slowly. If you use a slow cooker to cook frozen meat, you will need to use a lot of water, but this will also be the case with fresh meat. Elaborately-costumed and decorated children, horses and trucks display all kinds of fruit, sweets and cooked meats.

It refers to a traditional food in Ecuadorian cuisine consisting of deep-fried cassava balls or spheres filled with cheese. They’re popular in the coastal regions of Ecuador where they’re typically served for breakfast with fried eggs or as an appetizer with hot sauce and a small salad. The dough for pristiños is very easy to make, as usual I like to make it easier by using the food processor. The dough is lightly spiced with cinnamon, clove and anise. The spices can either be added directly to the dough as you make it, or the more traditional method is to boil water with the spices and then use that spiced water for the dough. I’ve tried both ways and I prefer to make it with the traditional spiced water.

Love the piloncillo so much more than the cinnamon and sugar. You could make different variations of flavor, like add the orange liquor or even add a star anise to the water. In a deep and large 12-inch skillet, heat enough oil to ½ inch over medium-high heat. Once the oil is very hot but not smoking, fry one buñuelo at a time.

This is because the marinade does not mix well with the meat. When the oil is just hot enough to fry, begin dropping spoonfuls of dough into the oil. In a large, heavy-bottomed frying pan, pour vegetable oil to a depth of about 1 1/2 inches. Creamy green banana soup with cheese, cilantro, and avocado. This soup always takes me back to my hometown of Loja, just the way the kitchen smells when I cook it makes me feel like I’m back home. Use a knife to cut the dough into 1 inch wide and 6-10 inch long strips.

Hi Erica, Thanks for the recipe although I’ve tried it already and for some reason I cannot explain for me it was a disaster, maybe I’m doing something wrong? Anyways it may for the lack of Colombian ingredients available around my area , nonetheless Thanks. Your answers depend on the size of your pot and the size of your balls. The easiest way is to make all your balls the same size and then add enough oil to cover the balls.



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