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Cellina Sedillo is the Administrative Assistant for the Center for Civic Policy. She is a Native New Mexican born and raised in the South Valley, where she still lives with her family. She is the proud mother of a fourteen year old daughter and twelve year old son. Before joining the team at CCP, Cellina worked at ABQ Pediatrics as a Pediatric Nurse.

AFTER THE CIVIL WAR,African Americans left the South and journeyed to the territory of New Mexico to homestead on small farms. By the 1880s, over 100 formerly enslaved people had settled in what is now east Albuquerque. Later, the railroad brought Chinese and Japanese immigrants to the sparsely populated land in search of economic opportunity. Five years ago, Albuquerque-born Lan Sena considered purchasing land at the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. She found a property in the Four Hills area, where elegant houses coexist with cholla cactus on rolling hills.

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They worry that the language in the deeds discourages people of color from owning land in the city, reinforcing the bias that Black and Asian Americans don’t belong in the state. The new department would employ social workers, public health workers and behavioral health workers to respond in situations where they can provide more appropriate treatment than a police officer, paramedic or fire fighter. Sena has gone out multiple times with first responders in order to understand how these issues are currently handled and how the new department might change the ways in which they are settled. That discriminatory language persists in property deeds today. After 1968, some Albuquerque title companies omitted restrictions based on race, color or national origin, scrubbing the racist language from their covenants.

Sena was appointed after the death of Councilor Ken Sanchez. With convenient services giving you a pick-up as soon as you land at Noi Bai airport then arranging a nice & high-ranked hotel located in Hanoi old quarter. This brings you to the heart of local culture, spend your time in Hanoi to explore an abundant supply of ancient relics a long with tasty street food.

Hi Sir, we will have cruise departure on 1st May and 8th May with the deal as on Sena also discussed Westside residents’ concerns about the effects of the city planning regulations adopted in 2016, the Integrated Development Ordinance, , and the ABC-Z Comprehensive Plan, on our side of the river. Sena wants to hear about concerns citizens have with current city planning and any changes citizens think should be made to deal with those concerns. In fact, several of the IDO updates she has proposed were ideas that originated with Westsiders.

She is a member of Sacred Heart Church, along with her husband and children. Oriana Sandoval has served as the CEO at the Center for Civic Policy bobby fisher iq and the Co-Director of the New Mexico Civic Engagement Table since 2015. She is currently an active member of the New Mexico Bar Association.

The two senators are reaching out to community leaders like Wang and Sena to learn more about the subject. She coordinated a group of advocates, primarily Asian Americans working in academia and legislative lobbying, to educate policymakers and the public. Beginning in 2004, Wang invited historians, lawyers and then-State Sen. Cisco McSorley, who sponsored the bill for repealing the “alien landownership” amendment, to appear on her TV talk show, Duke City Magazine. In 1921, voters adopted an “alien landownership” amendment to the New Mexico Constitution. Known as the Alien Land Law, it barred people of Asian descent from owning and leasing real estate.


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