All You Need to Know about LSAC’s New “Score Preview”


Most law schools observe the traditional five-year validity period, but some programs have a clearly stated preference for test scores not more than three years old. It is thus important for law school applicants to familiarize themselves with their prospective institutions’ policies and preferences. You’ll receive your score via email football launcher machine approximately three to four weeks after the test. If you take the LSAT more than once, law schools will see all scores earned within the past five years, though most will evaluate your candidacy based on your highest score. Law schools will also see if you canceled a score, withdrew, or were a no-show at a test administration.

After many years of LSAT takers bemoaning the fact that they were unable to see their scores before deciding whether or not to cancel them, LSAC has finally addressed their concerns. LSAC now offers a new “score preview” option solely for first-time test takers who would like to see their scores before deciding whether or not to cancel. If your grades are lackluster‚ an outstanding LSAT score can help make the case that you are capable of handling the academic rigors of law school. Alternatively‚ if you’ve been out of college for some time‚ your score can show that you still have the skills necessary to succeed.

Since the 151 is essentially my baseline score with next to no studying, I am confident that I will be able to score in the 160s by the time of my next LSAT date. Most schools say they consider only the highest score in admissions decisions; however, some schools say they consider all the scores on record, and a small minority of schools say they use the average score. Additionally, if there is a significant difference between your scores some schools will ask you to submit an explanation with your application. Always check with the admissions committees of the schools to which you are applying to get up-to-date information on test score policy.

We recommend against taking practice tests from third-party providers, primarily because you cannot be guaranteed the question quality control of the actual exam. That said, most top law schools seriously consider applicants who have an LSAT score of 168 and up. Schools include Berkeley Law, Duke Law, Michigan Law, Northwestern Law, NYU Law, Penn Law, Texas Law, UChicago Law, UCLA Law, and UVA Law. All that said, while a low LSAT score may impede your way to a certain law school program, do not make the mistake of believing that a high LSAT score is an automatic ticket to admission.

Founded in 2006, Stratus is the premier admissions counseling firm, committed to helping clients achieve their dreams of gaining acceptance to a top-tier business school, law school, or graduate school. Stratus has served thousands of young professionals and international applicants from more than 50 countries. Our team is dedicated to making your admissions process as smooth and successful as possible. Beyond getting another shot at a higher LSAT score, the main advantage of taking the LSAT multiple times is to give yourself more practice in an actual test setting. Anyone’s LSAT prep will involve doing practice problems and taking practice tests—but as noted above, for some, taking the exam in a real-life setting can provide the experience they need to do better the next time they take it.

However, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree to enter law school. Many students apply for law school the fall of their senior year of college and then enter law school the following fall, after receiving their bachelor’s degree. The multiple-choice portion of the LSAT consists of four sections.



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