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And make sure to apply a heat protectant before using a blow dryer on your hair. Don’t wait until your next salon appointment to enjoy a beautiful blowout! These tips and techniques will help you level-up your blow drying routine at home. The key to a great at-home blowout is taking the time to properly prep and section your hair BEFORE you turn on the dryer. Working with small sections of hair and using a brush to create tension saves time (since you’re not blow drying the same hair over and over) and leaves your hair sleek and glossy. If your morning routine consists of rolling out of bed, showering, and reaching for your blow dryer, you might be wondering if it’s okay to blow dry hair every day.

Great for your hair and it will give you a more relaxed look. I’ve got fine curly hair and its in great shape. A temp fade blowout haircut is a great option if you’re struggling with frizziness and unkemptness.

Reserve blow drying for days when you want to look extra fabulous, and follow these handy tips for success. Surprisingly, the round brush used by many is not the best option for smooth, glossy results. A round brush creates a lot of tension for your hair strands, which can cause damage if your hair is wet. Many round brushes also have metal cores that heat up from the blow dryer and can cause even more damage. You can also blow dry the sections at a 90-degree angle relative to the brush to really turn under the hair ends and create fantastic volume as well. Use our göt2b® Glam Force® hairspray for the finishing touch and to achieve a day-long hold.

You’ve got to lift your hair from the roots if you want some major volume, says Yepez. An easy way to do this is by flipping your hair upside down and brushing in the direction of the ground. You can do this with a brush, a wide-tooth comb, or your hands, she says. Bring the ocean to your hair on the daily.Give your blowout a beachy edge by applying Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Sprayto your damp strands before you blow-dry. Try a piecey blowout look.To get this pretty, piecey look you’ll need to do a slight twist on your blowout.

With these expert tips you’ll master a bouncy, smooth, DIY blowdry in no time. Finally, spritz or squirt some shine serum into your hands and rake your fingers through your hair. This is better than applying the product directly to the hair, as it distributes it more evenly. If you want to add extra volume, try wrapping each completed section of hair around a large velcro roller. This will add body to the hair as it cools and sets. Once the section you are working on is completely dry, you can move onto the next.

That said, however, if you’re like me and love experimenting with new beauty tips and tricks, I say definitely give it a try. The first thing you do is roll up a T-shirt into a circular, doughnut shape, which @mypawfectfamily has another video on her account showing exactly how to do it. Instead, it gives a unique and creative touch to blowout haircuts for guys. If you try to dry all your hair at once, you will likely end up tangling your hair or ending up with knots.

You can wear your blowout exactly as is, do a twist-out, run a curling iron through it, or grab your flat iron and try a silk press (P.S. Check out our silk press guide before starting). Basically, don’t be afraid to play around with your look until you figure out what you like best for your hair. Lation typically likes to separate her clients’ hair into four sections . “Before you even grab your blow dryer, gently pull each section of hair as tight as you can from the root all the way down to the tip,” she says. “This pre-stretching means you won’t have to put as much heat or tension on your hair when you’re ready for the dryer.” So to make the process as easy as possible, we chatted with Lation and Jazzee Santiago, hairstylist and natural hair expert, to get all their pro advice on natural hair blowouts.

Also do not underestimate what a natural bristle boar brush can do to add shine and lessen frizz. If you have thick or coarse hair get one with some plastic bristles but not with that little ball on the end of them. For my hair, Janine told me to do a flat wrap where you use the forehead prose hair quiz to help shape and bend bangs. When bangs are almost dry, use a large metal brush, which acts as a curling tool, and pull bangs forward in a circular motion for volume. As the day went on, the curls became looser, which I loved because it gave it that bouncy, blowout look.


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