Career change at 30: Don’t make a career move until you’ve read this


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Meet people who are doing the job that you want to do. Expand the group of people in your current circle and be open to new opportunities that arise.” You’ve decided what your perfect working day looks like and you’ve found a role that has practically been made for you, but there’s something else spelman college act requirements you need to consider – your finances. Once you have some answers, you’ll get an idea of what direction to go in. It might feel a bit scary to switch things up and it will certainly involve some careful thought, but once you get to where you want to be you’ll be thrilled with the pay off.

Don’t assume your happiness has a dollar figure. You’ll also build great networking connections to start your new career. When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better. They need 5–7 years of school, plus 5,600 hours of work experience. Find crossroads where your passion meets with piles of money. Journalist, speech writer, technical writer, executive assistant, acquisitions editor…

I’m now in the final year of a degree , re-sitting my biology GCSE in the summer and hope to re train as a primary teacher. I know it is going to be tough but I’ll be 34 when I start my PGCE and 35 when I qualify. You also might want to look at what ‘wasting time’ really is. If you took 7 year from now doing GCSEs, A levels and an undergrad degree, you’d be 40 and still have at least 27 years of career left, probably 30, and you’d have ‘wasted’ only 20. Ie at 40 you aren’t yet half-way through a working life. I want a career where i don’t engage with people that much.

Go on Reddit and Quora to see if people love each job you’re interested in. They’ll give you more hints as to what job you should really have than any test online. Search “list of jobs for” + your passions and skills.

Then before we know it we’re packing our bags and heading to university, leaving three years later armed with a degree and unwavering optimism that we’ll end up in a job that we love. First of all, you need to get your hearing issues sorted, perhaps getting a better hearing aid fitted or learn to lip read. There aren’t many jobs that don’t require the ability to hear things/people, so you are limiting the range of work you can do, if you don’t sort this out. Most people who have reached the age of 30 are still not sure where their lives are going or what the best solution for them would be, to be truly happy in 10 years.



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