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Cats that have not been spayed or neutered are known to be serial caterwaulers as it’s how they let other felines know when they are ready to mate. When a female is in heat, she will proclaim the fact across the neighborhood with a loud caterwauling cry. A male will respond to let the world know he can smell a female in heat. Not only is all this noise maddening for you, but also those who live around you. To curb the caterwauling – and to keep good neighborly relations – as well as to prevent unplanned kittens, then spaying or neutering your pet is the solution.

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The word caterwaul can be a verb, a noun or an adjective, depending on how it’s used. While a caterwaul can be made by a person, it’s more likely the wailing sound that a distressed or fighting animal makes. To make this sound is to caterwaul — it’s both a noun and verb. As long ago as the mid-1300s, English speakers were using caterwaul for the act of voicing feline passions. The cater part is, of course, connected to the cat, but scholars disagree about whether it traces to Middle Dutch cāter, meaning “tomcat,” or if it is really just cat with an “-er” added.

This lets Congress caterwaul on behalf of special interests while blaming Presidents for not punishing foreigners. Media outlets that caterwaul about all this become the victims of commercial crises. Here you will find one or more explanations whoring synonym in English for the word Caterwauling. 2000 B.C.E., but not a familiar household animal to classical Greeks and Romans. The nine lives have been proverbial at least since 1560s. You can create your own lists to words based on topics.

Man, this caterwauler kept me up all night after staring at my couch, pretending to be my cat and asking to play red rover. It’s a big, swooping song with huge, dramatic riffs and kind of caterwauling vocals, and it’s a song about her mother’s struggle with cancer. Listening to all the caterwauling from the right, one would think that Immigration Reform is a new concept, rather than a decades old problem. Noun The cry of cats; a harsh, disagreeable noise or cry like the cry of cats. Mr. Sanders, 76, played with John Coltrane near the end of his life, seeming to inherit Coltrane’s affinity for global folk musics, Eastern spirituality and caterwauling expressionism. The media–Democrat caterwauling over Trump’s election-rigging spiel was not rooted in patriotic commitment to the American democratic tradition of accepting election outcomes.

If your otherwise calm and happy cat starts to caterwaul for no reason, then pain or sickness could be the cause. Caterwauling can be heard from intact females when they are in heat as a call to male suitors. Males will also make this sound when they know a nearby female is in heat. Prevent caterwauling and the overpopulation of cats by spaying and neutering your cats. Through the warmer months you can hear the likes of every kind of caterwauling at ungodly times in the night. This is the British English definition of caterwaul.View American English definition of caterwaul.

There are a number of reasons your cat may make this sound, and getting her to stop involves dealing with the root of the cause. If a person or animal caterwauls, they make a loud, high, unpleasant noise like the noise that cats make when they fight. As your cat ages, you may well see changes in their level of attention and cognitive skills.

In a season of a lively baseball, the Twins hit a silly number of home runs and came caterwauling out of the great north and took their division. Republicans could caterwaul about the skyrocketing debt without actually having to do anything about it except express their disapproval. When all other options have been exhausted and your cat is in need of some essential care, he will resort to the caterwaul to get the ‘take notice of me’ message home.



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