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Each 12lb bag delivers 32 to 35 serves , with 30 grams of protein and 560 calories. Micellar casein, in particular, costs way more than most sources of complete protein. And, its carbohydrates are free from fillers, which is unusual for mass gainers. Clean Gainer contains Organic Quinoa, Organic Blueberry, Organic Rice Bran, as well as Ginger powder, Oat Fibre and Maltodextrin. This combination of carbohydrate sources offer benefits over standard mass gainers, containing natural fibre, micronutrients and a lower glycemic index. Rivalus Clean Gainer offers plenty of nutritional benefits over standard mass gainer powders.

With Rivalus Clean Gainer, you don’t need to modify your meal prep at all. One thing I would have liked is for the Rivalus Clean Gainer to have more protein per serving. Please note that this product will incur additional shipping charges due to its weight. These fees will be applied in the Shipping section at checkout. Please add product to your wishlist to see them here.

Regardless of your height I think it would be more affordable to buy just PRO Gainer in the biggest bag possible (10.6 pound bag) than buying isolate and casein separate. Isolate is usually used for cutting instead of gaining as it is super low in fat. Casein is great for gaining so you could use just that if you don’t want the O.N Pro Gainer. Don’t forget, you need extra calories to gain weight, especially if you are sporting the ectomorphic body type.

The protein comes from whey, milk, and casein while all the carbs come from low-GI sources. Hence, its macros range from slow to fast-absorbing. Essential and branched chain amino acids and a lipid blend that helps you power through workouts and can assist muscle recovery. Science has shown that when it comes to protein, timing isn’t so big of a deal.

The lower calories make it easier to incorporate into your diet. Therefore, it is less disruptive to your pure muscle-building journey. I did not expect them to taste great considering there are only 8 grams of sugar per serving. You need to consume more calories than you burn to pack on mass.

And, I say “only” because most mass gainers out there give you 800 up to 2000 calories. The Rivalus Clean Gainer nutrition facts feature an 8-source carb matrix that delivers 90 grams of fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates and proteins. Then perhaps you can go for more extreme mass gainers such as Mutant Mass Weight Gainer or Dymatize Super Mass Gainer which have more than double the calories.

The protein powder sources include varieties of whey and casein, considered two of the highest quality protein sources available. Each contains all of the essential amino acids in abundance, along with plenty of branched chain amino acids and leucine to trigger MTOR for muscle repair and growth. One serving of this mass gainer provides you with 30g of slow and fast-digesting protein, 90g of complex and simple carbohydrates, and 7g of healthy fats. But I am in confusion whether I should buy ON whey protein isolate and casine protein together or only buy ON PRO mass gainer? 22 pound tub with only 20 servings (because each serving is 6 scoops!), 63 grams of protein per massive serving, 400 grams of carbs, added BCAAs, added 10 grams of creatine, and 20 vitamins and minerals.

Keep all supplements and vitamins out of reach of children. Always follow advised storage conditions and consumption instructions. Add 2 scoops to a large glass or shaker cup filled with 360ml – 480mls of cold water, milk or favourite beverage. If you want to gain weight the right way and keep your health in check, then opt for the Rivalus Clean Gainer. Adding muscle takes more time compared to adding fat. Not to mention, just slightly going over your caloric maintenance is the healthy way of gaining weight.

So you don’t have to take it immediately following your workout, just as long as you’re hitting like 70-80% of your bodyweight in grams of protein, you’ll make gains. Even though we’re not huge fans of C4, especially with amazing alternatives like Betancourts B Nox, we do respect the brand, and their protein blends are now their key products. For healthy fats there ain’t much but they’ve thrown in some soybean oil to at least say they tried. If you want more fats it’s pretty easy to get those in delicious cheat foods anyways.

The same with every supplement, Rivalus Clean Gainer may or may not work for you. So, I’d like to specify who this mass gainer would be best for. The flavor of this mass gainer is one of the reasons why I opted and still use this brand. Some folks rvca training center prefer to do a dirty bulk, which means gaining fat along with gaining muscle. This is the fastest way to gain weight overall, but it can be unhealthy. This means all ingredients are natural and high-quality instead of cheap, low-quality fillers.


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