Cliff Diving In El Yunque National Forest El Yunque Puerto Rico


Everyone immediately dropped their things and jumped in the water. The water was so cold but refreshing at the same time. Hector escorted a group of us up to the rope swing. He showed us how to position our hands and brace ourselves for the jump. After I had jumped from the rope swing a few times I swam over to the waterfall.

This waterfall sports a fall of approximately 200 feet and it’s located on private property, so visitors need permission to access it. Cliff diving has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. After sliding down the second slide a few times hector made his way to the top of this cliff. He showed those that wanted to cliff dive how to do it properly. He told us how to position our feet and once airborne to place our body as straight as a pencil going down. Please wait at the agreed-upon pickup location 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

Down the river, you can find a second waterfall, but the trail is more complicated and less clean. La Planta River was once a hydroelectric plant, but it’s no longer in use. Nowadays, locals like to visit any of the three waterfalls the river has. The second waterfall is a type of dam, with a small hole inside that you can use to stand behind the curtain of water. When we arrived at El Yunque National Forest, our tour guides provided us with bottled water and bug spray as a precation. As we hiked thru El Yunque, Hector would stop along the trail and show us different types of plants and tell us what ailments they could be used to for.

As a company policy, every participant must wear a lifejacket while doing all the water activities. At the riverbed you will find pools and a tall rock face. A truly majestic waterfall will be visible immediately as you enter the clearing from under the canopy.

Trainers , a second pair of shoes to get changed into after the activity. El Yunque National Forest is a tropical rainforest. It is the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system.

Explore Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rainforest with a hike to a waterfall. Jump from cliffs and observe local wildlife on this 6-hour trip from San Juan. After having a great time we will visit an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant to enjoy lunch. Best things to do in Puerto Rico, but it’s definitely not the only option. Whether you prefer ziplining in the rainforest, jumping off cliffs, or snorkeling after hours, Puerto Rico is filled with stuff to fuel your thirst for adventure.

Gozalandia Waterfall is a masterwork of nature’s art in motion. It provides an exciting activity that delivers a thrilling climb for the daring in pursuit of the slippery rocks on the shore behind the waterfall. It’s hard to know where to step and a bit terrifying the first time you attempt it. I am a Puerto Rico local, and I have the inside scoop on the best and most scenic waterfalls. Checking a few out makes for a great addition to any Puerto Rico itinerary.

The zip trip allows you to soar above rainforests, valleys, and streams at up to 65 mph. If you’re brave enough, you can even glide down “Superman Style”—aka lying face down on your stomach as you watch the scenery whiz by below you. Moreover, it is somewhat difficult to drive at the waterfalls.

Join Victor and Miere on this extreme sport along the coast of Gran Canaria. These experts will supervise everyone’s safety and make sure you have a great time. Your clients will not see your login details, commission funny reasons to get arrested information, or travel agent functionality. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner for your territory and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity.


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