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It hasn’t survived, but the Shakespeare Hotel gives a good idea of the five gables look. Back with eccentric John Baker flicking through Who’s who in Shakespeare by Francis Griffin-Stokes. All real names of real people who only live in a book. This starts Dolly Wraight off on a list of mysteries about Shakespeare, starting with his famous will, with no signs of cultural life at all, no paintings, and above all no books. Cut to Wraight finding a problem with the first assembly of Shakespeare’s plays published in 1623.

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Inevitably I read wider & wider, talked to more people, other enthusiasts, academics. Tried not to let the authorship question, however intriguing, dominate thoughts on Marlowe. Crime writer MJ Trow, author of the Inspector Lestrade novels, is the latest writer to be attracted by the circumstances of Marlowe’s death. His new book, to be published in June, is Who Killed Kit Marlowe?

Dated February 2017, the section on the film could be found at time of writing here as a pdf under the header The Documentary Art of Filmmaker Michael Rubbo. In putting the story together, my strategy was to treat it as a great detective story. This meant giving plenty of screen time to the opposing views, and also treating the subject with as much humour as I could muster. I decided too that, since my interest had begun very personally, chupa panza gel reviews it should be told as a personal journey, a sort of road movie into the 16th century. I found the book, and became intrigued like Shaffer, wondering whether Calvin had exposed what might be the biggest cover up in literary history. His film is devoted to undermining the claim of the so-called Stratfordians, but he also feels that Shakespeare’s work was written by Christopher Marlowe, an intellectual, a homosexual, a spy.

Our political leaders, Trump America’s ‘War-time President’ , Xi Jinping, Prayut Chan-o-cha, Bolsonaro, Modi, Johnson, Aung San Suu Kyi among many others, used COVID-19 as scapegoats for their failings and as a means to garner further support. Rather than pursue ceasefire, peace and a united global war, we waged a global Civil War, with each government fighting and attempting to contain their COVID-19 at subnational and national scales. However, despite our christening of Indian, South African, Brazilian, the quaint Kent and other viral strains, COVID-19 did not respect our national borders, further undermining our global path to antiviral victory. Antibiotics conscripted to fight in our GMWs were not limited to combating existent invaders. Rather they were also mobilised in pre-emptive strategies to combat risks of future bacterial invasions postsurgery (Vats, Nagpal, and Moorthy 2009; Bud 2007b). We were not, however, the only sites upon which we deployed them to war.

Or perhaps Marlowe fled to Verona, and so to a play set in Verona. Or perhaps to Venice, and the merchant and Othello. On to Canterbury, birthplace of Christopher Marlowe, and John Hunt, who sells books at Albion Bookshop in the shadow of the cathedral and a Hoffmanite. Rubbo asks Michell about Marlowe, and he notes he was at least a professional playwright. He picks out a key book by Calvin Hoffman, The Man Who Was Shakespeare. That’s followed by Mark Twain’s “Is Shakespeare Dead ? ? ? ?” who turned into a Baconian by arguing with a river pilot companion.

Today it is anything but, with thousands flocking to the shrine of Sheikh Salim Chishti. Covering our hair with scarves, we enter the shrine and join the masses paying their respects and tying a thread through the latticed marble windows of the Dargah, which is said to fulfil one’s wish. What I enjoy most about the tour, however, is that there is no attempt to shield us from India’s harsher realities. From Delhi, it’s a lengthy drive to Agra, but the sight of dozens of beaming, moustachioed, turban-wearing staff at The Oberoi Amarvilas, standing with their palms touching in greeting, is heart-warming.


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