FE3H All Lost Items Guide & List Fire Emblem Three Houses


However, Lost Items for characters you cannot recruit, like the leaders of other houses or their bodyguards, shouldn’t show up if you are in the wrong house. You can begin returning Lost Items in Chapter 3, by taking on a quest from Jeralt while exploring the Monastery, to find his flask that he’s lost somewhere on the Second Floor. Once returned, you’ll be able to give back Lost Items to other characters. If returned successfully, this will significantly increase your Support Level with the owner . There are strategies for accomplishing Fire Emblem’s “lost and found” mechanic aside from slamming random puzzle pieces into random holes. You can listen very closely to what the students say and make an educated guess on what belongs to whom.

When you start Fire Emblem be sure to choose the best class through our Best Classes guide. Fire Emblem is a game that requires you to progress through XP, so you essentially have to farm XP. And also with greater levels, you will require the best weapons to go with it.

Some items in the list are specific to whatever House you chose. If you miss giving an item to someone one month, you’ll have the opportunity to the next month during exploration. If you find difficulty in understanding the Cooking Recipes or Gardening in Fire Emblem then read our dedicated guides in which we cover each topic in detail.

If you give these items to a character from your house, who can join your house or Rhea, you can potentially raise your support points with them. Also, if they’re from your house, their Motivation may increase as well. If you don’t find a lost item one month, it’ll still be there for you to pick up the next month. naandhi movie review Returning Lost Item DialogueNow, if you trace an item back to its owner and return it, your bond with the person will increase. The bonds help you to boost the support levels of the person to which you return the item. Also, if your support level is higher with a person then you get to know them more.

Sometimes you won’t have an opportunity to return an item because its owner is out of the monastery for a month. Other times, restrictions around houses will mean you won’t be able to return something to somebody unless you either wait or recruit that character to your house. In addition to this, it’ll also boost the motivation level of the character that you deliver the lost item to. This is especially rewarding if they’re in your house, as you can use this motivation to better teach them during your next lecture period. Whenever you grab one of the items and look at its description, each lost item will give you a clue to its owner. The clues make use of knowledge that is either on each character’s description in your menu or based on what you might learn from talking to them.

If you search those lights, you’ll often find random objects that have been seemingly discarded in random locations with little thought or concern. There’ll be a small clue about who they belong to—a reference to a personality trait or a character’s background—and if you return them to the right person, your relationship will improve. It’s a constant and easy way to befriend almost everybody in the monastery.

Getting the right item increases your bond with your fellow students, while a wrong guess has no negative marking! But if you’re in a hurry or can’t figure out whom the “School of Sorcery Book” belongs to, then check out our nitty guide below. There are plenty of lost items in Fire Emblem Three Houses for you to uncover around the Monastery, which you’ll then need to deliver to the correct characters that misplaced them. In this Fire Emblem Three Houses lost items guide, we’ll be rounding up a complete list of all the lost items in Fire Emblem Three Houses, so you know who to deliver them to straight away.

If you choose the Blue Lions, for example, then students you don’t recruit from the Black Eagles and Golden Deer will be gone. If you’re committed to recruiting certain characters in Three Houses, use the Nintendo Switch’s screenshot feature to capture a picture of those likes and dislikes. It’ll help you remember everything needed to recruit characters and return lost items.

One of the easiest ways to find the correct owner of a Lost Item is to check its description for clues. These provide useful insight on who probably misplaced the item now in your possession. Giving characters the correct Lost Items will provide an increase in their Support Level Points towards you. If you’d rather focus on which character you’ll be giving Lost Items to, we’ve organized the list below so that you can see exactly what each person is missing. Be sure to also check out our Gifts Guide for the best gift items to give to each character.



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