Four-seam fastball Wikipedia


2 seam vs 4 seam fastball – These are two very popular pitches used in baseball, but if you arent fimular with the sport you might never of heard these terms. For this pitch to be effective, you should note that the length of a person’s fingers can actually play a role in how much movement a 2 seam fastball can achieve. You will also find that a two-seamer typically has more velocity. The cutter is not the same as a two-seam fastball – it has a very late break to it and breaks opposite of the two seamer.

The ball should be held with the index and middle finger placed on or across the seams. The seams should be pointing away from the pitcher, in a horseshoe shape. The pitcher’s arms should stay straight – the lower the arm, the more movement there will be as opposed to less movement with a higher angled arm.

Your fingers should be a comfortable distance apart but not too far – the farther they’re spread, the less velocity on the throw. Post pictures of your pitching grips on mybaseball pitching discussion forums. In fact, most pitchers feel this grip gives them the most rotation – and most movement – of any breaking pitch. However, many pitchers who are learning this pitch for the first time, aren’t comfortable with the “tucking” part. It’s not super comfortable at first to tuck your index finger into the baseball. To throw a circle changeup make – quite literally – a circle or an “OK” gesture with your throwing hand .

The beginners curveball is a great pitch for younger pitchers. In essence, this pitch does the exact opposite as a fastball. Where as a fastball spins from the bottom to top (which is known as “backspin”), a curveball spins from top to bottom. And instead of leverage coming from behind the top of the baseball (as a four-seam what is weighted and unweighted gpa fastball), leverage on a curve comes from the front of the baseball. When throwing a two-seam fastball, your index and middle fingers are placed directly on top of the narrow seams of the baseball . Maybe Coach Kreber could gun his pitchers and check release and crossing the plate velocities for 2 seam and 4 seam fastballs.

A 2 seam fastball, if thrown down the middle, will move to the left with a right handed pitcher, and to the right if you’re a left handed pitcher. The arm movement of the four-seam fastball is a simple, normal pitch. It does not require the snapping of the wrist or a twist of the arm. Hold the ball so that the seams form what looks like a backward C – or a sideways horseshoe. Using your index and middle fingers grip the top of the “C”.



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