Game Play Hotspot Fishing and Imperial Fishing Delivery Seal Black Desert Southeast Asia


The Mediah fishing rod is the best rod you can have for active fishing . While you do not get extra durability points when you enhance the rod, you do get a bonus to your chance of getting rare fish . This bonus is additive and due to how the fishing loot tables work is really a big bonus. At +10 enhancement level, you get a +5% bonus to catching rare fish. There are fishing clothes and outfits that affect your fishing rank. As your fishing skill increases you will start getting better grade fish and at fishing level Artisan 1 you will gain access to the Mediah Fishing Rod.

There are multiple other ways to own a triple float fishing rod in the game Black Desert Online, in addition to just purchasing it from the central market. However, one drawback in these ways is that they are all dependent on you finishing a fishing quest. Go to epheria port invest in the first node get a boat sail as far as the node allows in port epheria you have the imperial fisher vendor next to boat wharf or storage guy .

But if you’re looking to snag a certain, more elusive species, check the lists below to scout out the best fishing hole for your purposes. Fishing purely for Fishing botnet is stealing docker aws Skill xp is a pretty ambitious goal. You’ll be eating away at your profits, and you’ll be competing with fish bots and players who have been afk fishing for years.

You have about a 3-hour window after you’ve caught a fish before it’s value start to depreciate. In the “Fish For Villagers” quest, you are instructed to ride a boat out into the Velia sea for the purpose of fishing four types of fish. The four specified types of fish are Tuna, Spotted Sea Bass, Black Porgy, and Grunt. Keep in mind that all of these fishes are yellow-grade fish. When you get down to the fishing vendor, continue past him and keep walking along the shore line until you get to Coastal Cave.

Also there are more hotspots so u can fill your bag with yellow fish . Both increase fishing rank, with the regular paste increasing it by +2 and the high-quality one increasing it by +3. You can get fish bait from the market, by completing quests from otter fishers or by exchanging them for fishing tokens. Next, you can invest in silver embroidered fishing clothes. You should be able to get these clothes to a +2 enhancement with relative ease and even +3 with a little luck. +2 is enough if you are in a guild that has a +3 fishing rank bonus.

Hovering or clicking on one of the hotspot icons will tell you what kind of hotspot it is. Halving your durability consumption is an extremely significant effect, and it will make your rod much more useful. While the sample size is low you should take it with a grain of salt, but I still think it’s worthwhile to look through. Throughout the world there are “sea regions” and there are “fish tables” and they’re not the same thing.

Your fishing rod will get lack of durability when you use it long time. You should use at least +6 +7 fishing rod to shorten auto fishing time. Also Penguin pet from cash shop decreases auto fishing time.



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