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If you’re looking for entertaining, interesting podcasts on health, nutrition, fitness, and well-being, here are 15 series to listen to. If the words “exercise” or “workout” put you off, think of this step in terms of physical activity or simply moving your body. Although eating more vegetables is better, you don’t have to go from zero to nine servings a day. Perhaps your goal is eating one serving of vegetables at dinner.

Although there are many other risky behaviors that may impede an otherwise healthy lifestyle , these are too numerous to cover in this general article. Read our about page thoroughly, it explains the types of content we publish, our mission and philosophy. If you feel your health and wellness related article is a fit, please submit through the form below. You will get links back to your site and social channels, as well as be promoted through our social and email lists. Find exercises to do while sitting in your office chair, quick detoxes to do at home, and more. There are also articles targeted at the long game, like how to train your taste buds to enjoy healthy foods.

If you already do that, consider eating one vegetable or fruit at every meal. Consider the following tips for beginning to improve your overall health. Ultra-processed foods are those that contain refined grains and additives to change the texture, taste, or color. Some examples of these foods are cheese puffs, packaged dessert cakes, chicken nuggets, and sweetened breakfast cereals. More than 70 percent of foods in U.S. supermarkets are ultra-processed.

Below are described some of the major items to avoid if a person is seeking a healthy lifestyle. We’re always looking for high-quality, original content from experts in the field of health and wellness. If you think you have something to offer our readers, we’d love to hear from you. Blogger Toby is a registered dietitian and author who helps home cooks up their game with the latest in nutrition and food news, including ingredient recalls and safety tips.


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We seek articles from authors who can adhere to our guidelines and writing processes. We consider a few key factors when choosing an author for our website. Continue reading this post if you believe that you can handle these problems. Coaches and any other expert in healthy living who like writing and have deep expertise in their field are welcome.

Use of latex condoms can help reduce the risk of contracting an STD but it does not eliminate the risk entirely. We are always looking to work with SEO Agencies, Brands, and Individual Bloggers to contribute high-quality guest posts. If you would like to write for us please send an email to -living.net along with 3-5 writing samples. We will contact you to arrange a time for an introduction.

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