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They get newsletters and social promotions also which improves their authority and author profiles across the industry. Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws and we will only publish unique content(articles that haven’t been published before). Include 2-3 links in the article pointing back to different Wellistic blog posts.

Product placement links may be removed at our discretion. If this is you primary objective, we are not the platform for you. Guest article subjects incorporate inspiration, wellness, eating less junk food, work out/exercise schedules, and so on.

To join our pool of commentary writers, then please fill in this form. If you would like to write a ‘Research Made Simple’, ‘Research Opinion’ or ‘Research Masterclass’ article, please email , outlining what type of article you are interested in writing, and on what topic. It’s the same email address if you are interested in producing an ‘Evidence for Nurse Education’ piece, but please also attach to your email a copy of the systematic review you propose to summarise. If you’ve got something you want to write about linked to nursing practice and nursing research, but it doesn’t fit with our journal article types, then don’t forget that we also have a blog! This is the perfect opportunity for first-time or experienced authors to outline an issue of importance to the nursing profession.

If the content consists of less than 1000 words, then you will get a single backlink. For further details you can mail us at , that will include the payment rate and other blog related queries. We are always looking to work with SEO Agencies, Brands, and Individual Bloggers to contribute high-quality guest posts. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your article for consideration. As a trusted resource for health and wellness information, we are always looking for new content to feature on our site.

Write for Mom News Daily and you’ll get a much broadened audience as a writer and your brand’ll get a lot of exposure. We have a special readership of mothers, which gives us an invaluable target demographic. Contributing an article to Health and Fitness content is an effective way to increase your traffic and rankings on the search engines. One recent survey shows that nearly half of marketers agree that posting guest content is their most effective method of generating leads. A guest post on Mom News Daily lets you reach a broader audience and get more exposure than if you wrote for your own site. We aim to bring the most exquisite information for your lifestyle concerns.

While we cannot publish all entries, we will surely reply to each one. Your content must be original, and cannot appear elsewhere online. Cordially check my portfolio, I’d love to work with you. We are a dedicated team committed to providing and maintaining your oral health by ensuring strict hygiene protocols. We ensure to provide our customers with 5 Star Personal Customer Service and ease of use through Aura Simplified Website Structure . Please read the below Eligibility Criteria before applying.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

All articles on Medistudents are peer reviewed by senior doctors so the best way to ensure your article is accepted is to produce high quality educational content on your chosen topic. The posts submitted to us should be original and should be relevant to fitness and health topics in ways that they can educate the readers and make awareness of their current lifestyles. We’re always looking for high-quality, original content from experts in the field of health and wellness.

After the submission of the article, you may not publish it to any other resources, including paper or electronic means. Deep Advices explores the health, beauty and fitness blogs. Deepadvices Exploring the beauty of the blogs related to health, beauty, food, science and travel. Clean & Clear – While writing your blogs, make sure that the information display will be scannable i.e., highlight the important terms by underlining them, make use of bullets while giving the suggestions. Word count should be 750 and the minimum word count per article is 2,000.


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