Hockey Bags


Serkin and Withee then saw a similar underserved market in hockey apparel and developed and designed a line of unique apparel to fully form the brand. THE PR PLAYER BAG

I have had the wheeled C+B bag for a about a year now. Enjoying it very much, love the unzippable foot mat given how dirty our locker rooms can be. Shame that it seems they discontinued it, but I’d still recommend the bag beyond that. Overall I think they are a bit overpriced for what you get.

The Ultimate Hockey Bag built for Players by Players & Hockey Inspired Backpack for Outdoor Players, Coaches, Refs and Parents. I can’t really compare it to others in its class, as I haven’t owned them. I can say that the $80 I spent on my first bag, a Bauer, was wasted. It lasted me about 3 months before the bag ripped where the straps attach to it.

That can easily all go into an accessory bag. The Pond Pack is a backpack style pack loaded with customizable straps, sleeves and compartments. It is built to be a stealthy, multi-functional pack perfect for easy access, quick transportation and any kind of activity under the sun. After two year the bag isn’t even close to being done. He material has soften a bit but the bag shows little sign of breaking down. I’m someone who carries a lot bits and bobs around for skates and stuff.

I always picture a “pro bag” as a huge duffle with everything just dumped in it… No fancy thigh knife pockets, dividers, mesh or venting. I want it to have at least dedicated skate pockets.

The individual slots for skates are one of the best features and if you’re looking for organization pockets, it’s going to be very difficult to beat. I have XL sized gear and everything fits without cramming. I admit the laundry bag doesn’t see much use. Recently replaced my Easton pro bag with a Warrior pro bag. Got the one above, although I recall paying $45 so I bet if you offered him that he’d take it.



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