HOT ROOTS: 5 Tips To Deal With This Hot Topic Color


There are a few methods that you can try immediately with the tools you likely have in your possession. Keep reading as we discuss a few ways to fix those pesky hot roots at home. This stuff isn’t as easy as putting paint on the hair and it magically changes, this is a study we have done for years. This guide is to give you answers, not to encourage you to home color. That’s because split ends can cause your hair to appear dry and dull, which will only accentuate any unwanted warmth in your complexion. There are a few reasons why you may be getting afflicted with hot roots.

They are called ‘hot’ because they often look warmer. But, roots are supposed to be darker than the rest of your hair. When they are lighter or have a different tint to them, it’s noticeable. Whether you have hot roots after bleaching or coloring your hair, you’ll likely want to fix them.

It’s true that your color balance should be restored over time. But, while you’re waiting, you could have to deal with the embarrassment. Typically, dry, split-prone ends that are the result of over-bleaching can be hydrated back to health, though Diaz says usually the best, most effective fix is a trim. Just have your stylist snip off the most damaged areas to keep those splits from traveling up the hair shaft and weakening your hair further.

Root concealers are great because they’re a quick and easy way to cover up your roots and gray hairs until you can get them dyed again. And, depending on the product you use, they can last anywhere up to a few days. Opt for a cool or ashy tone when dyeing your hair lighter. If you apply the bleach to the roots first, butterfly locs on natural hair you risk over-processing it and developing orange roots. The surest way to fix them would be to dye your hair a darker color, but that would undo all of your hard work Luckily, are lots of other easy ways to fix them. If you colored your hair at home, don’t despair; just follow the directions in this article.

This depends on the brand you are using, so check the label. Some types of shampoo require you to rinse the dye out immediately, while others recommend that you leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Because this shampoo is so gentle, however, you can leave it on for longer depending on the damage.You can leave the shampoo on for up to an hour. If you need to step out of the shower, tuck your hair under a shower cap. Purple shampoo is the most common, but something that is blue-tinted would work even better. Blue sits opposite orange on the color wheel, so a blue-tinted toning shampoo will be more effective at balancing out the orange.

It should balance out your roots with the ends and mid-strands of your hair. Everything from the length of time the color is in your hair to the heat from your scalp can make a difference in how it affects your roots. If you’re not completely confident in your coloring abilities, leave it to a professional.

How to Fix it for Brunette Tints – this is probably the easiest one to fix. You will just need to paint more brown on the root area. You made a mistake or you were rushing and your brunette tinted client who might or might not be a grey coverage has glowing brighter roots. Chances are it’s lighter and more of a ginger tone than you or your client desires.

The problem is, hair that’s growing out from the scalp is virgin, and therefore, it absorbs the dye faster than the older hair. That’s why the hair at the root level can often be lighter or brassier. Most salon professionals believe the best way to avoid hot roots is to minimize errors in the timing and formulation of hair color applications. If you have outgrowth and are going lighter all over, you can lighten your roots and freshen up the rest of your hair with a “color-balancing” pre-treatment. This will cause minimal damage while giving you a clean slate to work on. If your previously colored hair is super dark , you may need to bleach it first.

Looked great but about 5 weeks later I wanted to do my roots myself. When I asked what color she used I almost passed out when she said 1N. Finally got the courage to do it after testing a good amount of fall out I collected and I was happy with the result. I knew I’d end up with hot roots after the bleach bath. Ends are dark but not black and I like the warmth but want to calm down the overall brassy hue. Going to try doing a 4n with a little 4na Redken shades at my roots then 4nw with a bit of clear so it doesn’t go too dark.


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