How Hard Do Most Fastpitch Softball Players Throw?


In the slow-pitch version, the onus lies with the defense team, while in the fast-pitch version the offensive team is responsible for securing a win. The last body part to touch the ball are the fingers. Keep the radar gun level and pointed at the moving ball throughout its flight to the catcher. Point the radar gun in the direction of the upcoming throw, leveled at shoulder height and parallel to the ground.

The United States women’s national softball team won three consecutive gold medals at the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Olympic Games. In the 2008 olympic games, the gold medal was won by Japan after they defeated the United States. Softball was recognized as an official sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Japan won the gold medal, defeating the United States 2-0. In America, the ASA responded by developing a coaching pool consisting of the best coaches in the country along with a selection committee which would recruit the most talented US softball players. The selection committee was responsible for making the final cuts to decide which players would compete for the US team at all international competitions throughout the year.

Verify that the pitcher is 43 feet away from the catcher, which is the standard distance from plate to home in softball. Kids usuallyget introduced to softball through tee ball, which is designed for four- to seven-year-olds. This is when they start to develop their strength and hand-eye coordination along with teamwork and sportsmanship. The table to the right lists equivalent Baseball pitching speeds for corresponding Softball pitching speeds with the above assumptions. However, her strike record is not even close to the highest in women’s softball.

A pop up’s launch angle is anything greater than 50°. There is never really an apparent reason to hit a fly ball, the best case scenario would be to foul it off out of play in a battle at the plate. It is always better to hit a line drive than a ground ball, especially as the defensive game gets more competitive.

As a throwing coach, it’s my goal that every player reaches at least 55+mph by her junior year in high school. This is attainable if a player puts in consistent work. The downswing of the pitching arm, once the stride leg is planted. Remember that the downswing cannot generate any force until the stride-foot is down. It should be down by the time the pitching arm reaches one o’clock behind the pitcher.

In other words, if she is 3 MPH below the averages in the chart, but then tweaked her mechanics to make them more sound and efficient would she quickly gain that 3 MPH on her fastball? Whether you’re throwing for a championship team or your local summer league, “pitcher” is not an easy job to have, especially if you want to continue your throwing career in college and beyond. The pressure you face on the mound each game doesn’t go away after the last out – it compounds as you face competition across the country for the attention of coaches and scouts. The Women’s College World Series Championship is fast approaching, and there are a lot of stud pitchers traveling the road to Oklahoma City this year. The average velocity for these DI pitchers is above 63 miles per hour, and some like Rachel Garcia are consistently clocking in at close to 70 miles per hour. After softball’s elimination from 2012 Olympics became a possibility, the ASA created the World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City in 2005.

Of course, the more a pitcher practices and builds muscle, the better the approach, and the higher the speed can be overall. In softball, pitchers throw the ball from a distance of about 43 feet – in which case, the speed is also relative to the distance. To understand this, think hittrax for sale about how an object gains momentum over distance and time when it is thrown. Young pitchers that are new and just learning usually start out throwing at about 35 MPH. Normative ranges for kinematic parameters have been established for an elite population of windmill pitchers.

It involves the practice of deliberately restricting swing and contact with the pitch. Radar guns come in dozens of varieties, each of which operates slightly differently. Consult your user guide or contact the manufacturer for information on using your particular model of radar gun. Repeat the timing process and speed calculation for several pitches.

Softballpitchingtools.comstates that “speed demons” do get recruited, meaning any pitcher thatconsistentlyhits 63+ miles per hour in a game is bound to get noticed. The same goes on the contrary with off-speed pitches. To off-set that high speed, coaches and scouts look for pitchers who can throw change ups well, particularly for strikes.



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