How to Do a Blowout Hairstyle with Pictures


There’s no gelling or spiking to do first thing in the morn — simply comb your hair back with your fingers. There’s no hair length that can’t stand for some added texture but short hairstyles look especially attractive when they’re tousled and texturized. For a messy, piecey effect, try a hair pomade, like the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty. Work a small amount through your strands, damp or dry, then use your fingers to tousle your hair and style. A blowout is a kind of haircuts for men that features a fresh fade, short sides, and well-shaped, voluminous, long hair on top that looks as if a gust of wind has just hit you in the face. Long strands on top stand up, keeping the volume and the shape.

Then, split the remaining hair evenly down the middle into two sections. Divide the hair on each side of your head into two smaller sections. Tie off one of the sections using a hair clip so that it’s out of the way for now. The blonde puff on top is almost a quiff with sides being tapered strictly.

The front of Ruby Rose’s structured pixie verges on a pompadour, and we are 100 percent here for the throwback look. When dry, back-comb each section to create a strong base and a lot of volume, and then gently brush the hair to smooth. Scarlett Johansson is serving a steaming dish of rocker refinement with how her hair is styled here.

This brush is big enough to style even large sections of hair, and it’s ceramic barrel distributes heat for long-lasting bounce. For a professional hairstylist or everyday user, you need a brush that can walk the walk. This barrel will make styling quick and easy, without sacrificing results. Once you’ve invested all that effort into giving yourself a beautiful blowout, it makes sense to preserve it as long as you can. If you’re lucky, you can get your blowout to last for five to seven days. This ultimately depends on your hair type, but there are a few other tricks you can employ, too.

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Even though it may seem that the difference is subtle, this wedge haircut still varies in length, shape, texture and styling. If you’ve heard of a temp haircut, then you have your answer, as it’s basically the same thing. To get the cut, you need to have your temple area trimmed short and faded noticeably.

In addition to having far more styling options than I could have anticipated, the major difference was that it also required so much less effort. Gone were my unwieldy, dry strands, which took such a significant protective hairstyles for sleeping wet hair amount of time and effort to tame that I usually just relied on a messy bun or ponytail to get me through the workweek. Braided hairstyles are definitely not off the table for shorter hair.

Use your hair straightener to smooth and slightly bend the hair in chunky sections and finish with a smoothing hair oil to give it that day-old, piece-y look. For curly and coily hair, Michelle makes the case that this style is ideal no matter the time of year. “The hightop shape will elongate the neck and is flattering to any face shape,” she says. For straight, voluminous styles, use a concentrator nozzle to direct airflow and urge in some lift at the root. Short hair that’s curly or wavy in texture is best dried with a diffuser attachment, which helps define your curls without separating them. People with curls or coarse hair know the struggle of finding the right tools for a blowout.

This can be tossed but at the same time, the medium strands without any texture make it all cool. Next, the sides are not tapered to give a very equitable look with the mess that also looks classy. Thin hair with some hair products makes it look all shiny and silky. There’s no reason to stick with just one change at a time — if you want a whole new look, pair your short haircut with a new hair color.

Short, cropped coils as dreamy and defined as these start with the right curly hair products, like a hair moisturizer and, if your curl type is a bit looser, a hair gel. Follow this video for a demo of how to use shingling and finger-coiling to style short curls. My name is Mackenzie, and I have been living in fear of blowouts. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create this blowout – it’s all in the tools you use and the technique for blow drying. With a bit of practice, this technique will become second nature to you and you’ll be showing off your big, bouncy hair every day!



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