How to Get a Facebook Vanity URL Personalized Link for your Page


You may be asked to supply additional verification information before you are granted ownership of the place. Type in your business’s name, address, phone number, website, any third-party listings and your relationship to the business. You can claim a Facebook page that has no admin by clicking on the ‘Is this your business’ link on a Facebook page without admin. Enter the 4-digit code to complete the verification process.

You may search for who’s the owner of that page, and send a request message to handover the page to you. If the Facebook page has a message option then also use it. Last, you may contact with Facebook page team if the page acquisition is really important to your business. You may also claim intellectual property to get that page. Once you’ve successfully claimed or merged your unmanaged Facebook page, you’ll want to look into optimizing your Facebook page for success. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool when properly utilized.

Now, over to “Content You Want To Report,” select “Other” under the type of content you’re reporting. And in the text box following it, copy and paste the link to the Facebook page you want to recover. Depending on the option you’ve chosen, you’ll either have to merge the page with your existing page or claim and verify the page by phone or documents. Depending on which option you selected at this point, Facebook will automatically show you how to verify or merge your unmanaged Facebook page. Merging will automatically attempt to sync up with the duplicate or similar business page. Verifying will ask for your personal information to verify that you are indeed the appropriate owner for the business page.

Your Facebook Page has been successfully created in the Business Manager. Select your Facebook page you want to claim in the drop-down menu. Go to your Business Manager Settings, and you will see the tab “Pages” under “Accounts”. If you have existing Facebook pages, please select “Add” and “Add a Page”. The Facebook page was generated based on a Wikipedia article.

Facebook will not change the Admin control of the Page. If you visited your Page via, click the menu ‘Settings’. Step 4) In the box above “Assign a New Page Role” enter the name of the person you want to transfer your Facebook page to.

Under the cover image of a business page, there will be an “Unofficial Page” label when there are no admins anymore. Adding this page to an official verified business page or providing information will lead to a claim to this page. Duplicate or unmanaged Facebook pages can confuse your audience.

Notice that the page for what people have marked location is made when they checked in for that location. Facebook is a social media networking website that has billions of people. No doubt, now Facebook is definitely a good place for making business pages and popularizing. Millions of people have many things to share, and you can even find duplicate Facebook pages of your business or brand. Also, the preceding window would ask if you want to merge the page with an existing, verified page or verify it with a phone call or documents.

To do so, you can go back to your Facebook Page’s “About” tab and click on the “Edit” link next to your username. In the past, you could only update your Facebook Page’s username once. You now cast of the movie replacements have easy-to-remember usernames and vanity URLs for both your Facebook Page and your Messenger account. This is the step where Facebook tells you whether they’ll accept your username or not.

I manage several business pages with my personal FB account. Now I want to gain access back to my business pages. These are not unclaimed pages I am trying to take over. These are pages that are managed by a personal account I cannot access.



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