How to Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on YouTube, Facebook and More


The process of setting up a Facebook Premiere is exactly like uploading a regular video, with a few extra steps added. All of the likes, shares, and comments received during the broadcast are carried over to the video post. In this article, you’ll learn all about Facebook Premiere and how to premiere a video on Facebook with step-by-step instructions.

However, there’s much more to making good use of technology than just knowing how to start a conference. Many influencers have built up enormous online audiences by doing exactly this. It can be a pretty lucrative strategy —47% of online apple careers houston shoppers said they would buy products directly from live videos. You know how to create, promote, and publish Facebook live videos. Now, we’ll get into the heart and soul of viral videos with these creative Facebook live content ideas.

OBS is indeed one of the best free solutions for live streaming pre-recorded videos. There are also many other solutions that offer advanced features which could be better for any digital marketing companies acting on behalf of a client. OBS is the only free solution that let you stream pre-recorded videos on Facebook.

As soon as you begin recording your live video, you’ll start slowly but surely showing up in people’s News Feeds. The longer you broadcast — especially as Likes, comments, and shares start coming in — the more likely people are to discover your video and share it with their friends. Facebook Live is a feature of Facebook that lets users livestream directly to the social network platform. Viewers can react, share, and comment during the stream. A recording of the video is also published to the page or profile so it can be watched again later.

But I have a simple question that if we stream a video and end it manually. Will the video be available on our facebook page as a post for later reference. Go ahead and stream some of your existing videos on your Facebook page.

Meteorologist Chris Nelson, for example, Live streamed his tornado chasing near Glenmore City, Wisconsin. Though we definitely do not condone chasing tornadoes (Chris, you’re a wild man), his video got over 30k views and likely some traffic to his news page as a result. Take a cue from the National Guide Dogs Australia , who hosted a live puppy stream on National Puppy Day. Think Golden Retriever puppies, a massive ball pit, and nonstop audience engagement. Captions are the easiest way to increase your video reach.

Take a page out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s book. If you’re like us, you need to double-check things before publishing them. You can easily test the waters of your broadcast for some peace of mind beforehand. For bigger groups (up to 50 participants!), you can broadcast to Facebook live from Messenger Rooms. Sharing an unfiltered, uncensored view into your life or business helps generate viewer trust.



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