How To Throw A Four Seam Fast Ball


We’ll cover the most often used grip for either and dissect the slight differences to help you learn how to throw both. Here are some pictures of different two seam fastball grips… As your arm starts to reach full extension, release the ball. When doing so, snap the wrist down towards the ground and away from your body to allow the ball to curve toward the plate.

However, power pitchers such as Justin Verlander combine control, high velocity, and break to make the two-seamer one of the most effective pitches in baseball. For the four-seam fastball, place two fingers across the seams with your thumb underneath. If you rotate the ball 360 degrees towards home plate from this position, you can count the four seams; hence, a four-seam grip. For smaller hands, it is natural to use three fingers on the seam.

But if the fingers are to one side or the other, the ball will get some different spin and move a little more. Or, you can put your index and middle fingers on the space. As a result, these two fingers will be in the seams with the vastest distance. During the release, if you can give the ball a high horizontal break, it will be a running fastball , which has a higher velocity than a standard two seamer. Otherwise, it will lose some momentum and move downward more. First, place your index and middle fingers on the two seams where those are the closest.

Some pitchers throw all 4 seam fastballs while others throw predominantly 2 seamers, but we believe pitchers should throw both. The 2 seam fastball pitching grip is also knownas the two seam fastball, the sinker, and the sinking fastball. The 2 seamer fastball pitch is similar to the four seam fastball pitch except the fingers have different grips for pitching. The pros and cons of the two-seamer both deal with the movement.

Still a fastball so all force is applied right through the middle of the ball creating backspin with a little extra pressure on the index finger. Rotate the ball in your hand and find in between where the seams are the closest together and the open side of the C shape. Rotate the ball in your hand until you locate the horseshoe or C-shape seam.

Unlike the four-seam fastball, the two-seamer tends to have some movement to it. Similarly for a sinker, both fingers can be placed on the seams, although depending on preference, passed ball you may move the index finger slightly inwards. That causes the ball to sink to some degree, though this is not considered a “breaking pitch” and is thrown at full velocity.


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