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VA sport represents a subculture that is built on respect, hard work, and grit. All of the VA advocates are known as scrappy, tough fighters who grind to the end, and most of them have world championships to their names. So as much as the VA Sport lifestyle is “bought,” it’s just as much earned. Parillo has really grown into his own as a MMA coach and made RVCA Training Center a premiere fighter gym. In his time as an MMA coach, Jason Parillo has coached dozens of UFC fighters and 7 UFC champions.

However, the brand also competes in the men’s activewear space with a division called RVCA Sport. Because of its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA focus, RVCA founder Pat Tenore built a BJJ/MMA gym known as The RVCA Training Center. RVCA was founded in 1999 by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, a professional surfer from Hawaii.

The Rvs Corporation also provides a wide variety of software and hardware solutions for those who are in the life of a Rvs Corporation member. After that loss, she began working on her striking with Parillo at RVCA. Her striking has looked noticeably better after Parillo became her head trainer. The newest student of Jason Parillo is former BJJ world champion and UFC strawweight standout Mackenzie Dern. After stints with the MMA Lab and Black House MMA, Dern has made RVCA with Parillo her main gym. The work Penn did with Jason Parillo paid off and it got the attention of many MMA fighters.

Parillo is also part of the RVCA advocate team, a hand selected group of sponsored ambassadors who embody the lifestyle of the brand. If you are searching the web for information on Muay Thai training you will notice that many gyms throughout the world list the word “authentic” attached to the title of their Muay Thai classes. Well, with the commercialization of martial arts in the 20th and 21st century many martial arts schools and health clubs offer cardio kickboxing classes or standard kickboxing classes and call it Muay Thai. Syndicate MMA has coached and developed several UFC, Bellator, and other fight federation champions and contenders.

There is a noticeable understanding that the brand isn’t just selling clothing…it’s offering the means to express a lifestyle. It seems that the new Rvs program has some rules, so instructors aren’t just there to teach, but to support and help their students. In addition to the Rvs philosophy of support, we also offer a training center with classes for adults, couples, and families. There are numerous benefits to the Rvs lifestyle, one of which is the ability to take care of yourself. The philosophy of our training center is to provide an environment that allows you to take care of yourself, in an appropriate setting, with the support of qualified and experienced instructors. It’s a philosophy that allows you to take care of yourself, in an appropriate setting, with the support of qualified and experienced instructors.

With that win, Penn was back in line to fight Joe Stevenson for the vacant lightweight title against Joe Stevenson. Again Penn would have another impressive performance and earn his 3rd UFC title. As an amateur boxer, Jason Parillo would accumulate a record of 21-6 before turning pro at 24. He would quickly become a highly touted contender gaining a record of 8-0 with 6 KOs. Nathan is still available for seminars worldwide and has toured multiple continents over several years, teaching his famous elbow striking system. Access the best of Getty Images and iStock with our simple subscription plan.

So, having a good reputation from the start can help find you that coach. If you are a beginner, try to find a gym that doesn’t have many pro fighters that demand their coaches’ attention on their top fighters. If you are a beginner, you won’t be a top fighter yet, and won’t get as much of the coaches attention when you need it most. It doesn’t matter how nice the facility may be, or how many top fighters they have there, it’s about you, and finding a gym that can take you to the top. Before diving into the training center it’s important to understand the fueling force behind the success of RVCA; the lifestyle.

The advocate team is what really sets RVCA apart in relation to its competitors. The brand is not afraid to step outside of its skate and surf roots and enter the somewhat controversial combat sports world. Syndicate MMA is equally dedicated to the development of the Las Vegas youth as it is for professional fighters. We develop discipline, respect, and confidence in the best youth martial arts program in Las Vegas. The Rvs program is something that we have been exploring for a while now.

Pretty soon after this, he began growing his own stable of MMA fighters. Rockhold made his comeback from a three-year hiatus against Costa in the co-main event of UFC 278. And although the decision didn’t go his way, Rockhold showed that he’s got more left in the tank by staying competitive against oryx qatar sports investments a highly-ranked contender. The artwork inside the center was done by the one and only Artist RETNA. This piece is a roll call of everyone involved in the original training camp in 2009. Free S&C classes are offered twice a week to employees, and many make use of the area during their breaks.



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