June’s Journey: Hidden Objects Apps on Google Play


It is an online shopping store that is selling rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, personalized jewelry, etc. However, there are so many things you must know about it before choosing it as your shopping destination. Most of the ideas are simple and fairly quick to do, like this be-ribboned tank. You could make this with dollar store ribbon, or maybe cut up a dollar store t-shirt to use in place of the ribbon.

Unfortunately, some don’t even know that they were scammed. Ali Express is an online retailer where you can find various merchandise for a very cheap price. A lot of companies order from Ali Express in bulk and then apply their logo to the products. This “Anita” Bracelet is on Ali Express for $1-$7 dollars depending on the type of design you want. The jewelry is incredibly pricey and any person who is not familiar with these scams would easily fall for a scam like this. Now most of the time the merchandise is listed at such a high price, on their website, so you think the merchandise is high end or expensive, but it’s not.

TikTok creators hoping to grow their audience try to find ways to organically appear on the For You page but cracking this code has been difficult over the last year. One of the earliest attempts to make it on this page was to include the hashtags “#foryou” and “#fyp” as part of a video’s captions. Learn how ispy jewelry reviews you can rapidly and accurately detect and assess your exposure to the Log4Shell remote code execution vulnerability. ⭐25 MILLION FANS ALREADY LOVE IT – Don’t miss out on the latest hit from Wooga, the makers of the mythical hidden object classic Pearl’s Peril. ⭐ DECORATE YOUR MANOR – I spy a masterpiece!

She was able to find their products on Ali express, as well, so yes that company is another one of those scams. Crescent Treasures is literally marking their jewelry for a way higher price than the bracelet is actually worth. You can literally find the same jewelry on Ali Express. When you receive a package from Crescent Treasures, the package says made in China.

Coincidently, this is where the majority of the vendors and factories are located where these products are made. A huge red flag is if the products take almost a month to get to you or you don’t even receive it. It is claiming to sell jewelry at heavy discount rates. You should know that these days mostly scam sites are offering such huge discounts to attract people into their scam.



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