Kenya Jenkins Team Lead Sunbelt Staffing Business Profile


The Morris varsity basketball team lost Tuesday’s home conference game against Kaneland by a score of 38-29. The Morris varsity basketball team lost Saturday’s home conference game against Ottawa by a score of 48-20. The Morris varsity basketball team lost Wednesday’s home conference game against LaSalle-Peru by a score of 48-40.

Jenkins’ family and friends criticized the initial police response, and a lawsuit was subsequently filed against the hotel and others. In 2018, the family’s attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, filed a $50 million lawsuit against the hotel and others. He displayed photos of a freezer door, showing that it had a lock button from the outside, and suggested someone may have inadvertently locked the freezer door. This was contradicted by the security camera, which recorded no other footage since August 30, nor any after Jenkins’ footage. The photo seemed not to be of the actual freezer door, which latched shut but apparently had no lock. A white circular handle on the inside, which would have enabled a person to exit on their own, appeared to be in good working order.

They claim an employee edited out the person following her to cover up what happened to her. Furthermore, the autopsy showed no evidence of sexual assault. Her friends looked for her for an hour and a half before calling her mother and continued to help look for her after. Her toxicology report came back showing a blood alcohol level of 0.112, making her legally drunk. Alcohol in her blood would have hastened the hypothermia.

The attorney asserted that the hotel had the means to lock off the kitchen area, as it had a pair of plywood doors with a padlock. One popular conspiracy theory is that her friends had something to do with her death, though it’s important to note that there is no compelling evidence of this. However, some people have speculated that her friends allowed her to be assaulted and killed by someone or multiple people at the party, and then placed in the freezer.

She also had a prescription drug in her system that her mother said was not prescribed. It was topiramate, a drug used for epilepsy or to help prevent migraines. dispensary in houghton lake It can also be used to help lose weight and control muscle spasms. She asked if her daughter had been drinking and they told her she had one drink.



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