Lexie Hearing Aids: Reviews, Cost, Tips 2022 Guide


Includes a detailed hearing check feature that can automatically adjust aids. You are then ready to take the Hearing Check which the app provides in step-by-step instructions. It’s very important that you are in a quiet room during this time and that your phone is on silent mode (i.e., you need to focus and not be interrupted).

I liked the fact that Lexie is able to send up to two Care Kits delivered straight to your door every year. This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of hearing aid accessories or making additional purchases. I was fond of the broad range of features this hearing aid company offers, specifically the directional hearing microphones that work by either amplifying or canceling out sounds. It gives the user true control over their hearing while feeling confident about everyday conversations and interactions in noisier places. I have been wearing the Lexie hearing aids for one month and they have completely changed my life. Lexie Hearing offers a paper clip-sized behind-the-ear hearing aid.

These hearing aids will not replace your wireless earbuds like some other hearing aids and enhancers can do. The Lexie B2s offer no such battery charge storage in their case, which is bulkier than some cases that do offer the feature. I would love to see tresa todd-lugten reviews Lexie Hearing offer such a case as an upgrade or as a separate purchase. When your hearing aids’ batteries are low, an audible voice lets you know the power is running out. Having no out-of-box solution to that problem while on the go is disappointing.

So if you’re looking for a basic hearing aid that can make you hear better, you can adjust it very simply, this might be the right hearing aid for you to try. Now, let’s talk about the cons of the Lexie Lumen hearing aid. Lexie Hearing, developed by hearX Group, is an innovative game-changer in the U.S. hearing aid market, on a mission to make better hearing affordable and accessible to everyone. Lexie brings a great experience to customers with high-quality hearing aids, world-class customer support, and smart technology that gives customers control of their hearing experience.

The sound was crisp and clear, the noise suppression and directional microphones worked as expected. I am not trying to detract from these aids in the least, but at the price point they sit, I was expecting less than I got. They performed much better than I thought I had any right to expect. You will find negative reviews from people who have issues with the device not working as expected or trouble with returning the product to the company. Lexie seems to be responsive to the issues and replies directly to the customer to try and resolve the problem. I knew nothing about Lexie hearing aids before I ordered them and just took a chance and it was the best decision I made.

Average hearing aid sets are between $1,000 and well upward of $5,000, so the Lexie Lumen hearing aids are priced on the lower end, particularly considering their features. Use the form below to leave a quick comment about the Lexie Powered by Bose. Alternatively, consider providing more thorough feedback using our hearing aid review system.

The hearX Group first developed Lexie hearing aids, a company that offers affordable access to hearing care. Lexie hearing aids have powerful sound quality with Bluetooth capabilities. They are comfortable to wear and utilize directional microphones to enhance sounds. What I liked most about this app is that I was able to easily control and manage my listening experience by using the app to adjust settings. From monitoring battery level to chatting or video calling with a hearing expert, I felt confident and ready to use my hearing aids with ease. With Lexie, there’s no commitment or contracts, and you can easily cancel the subscription at any time.

If you send them back within this period, you can get a full refund. Once you’ve connected via Bluetooth, it takes around ten minutes to set up and program your aids. You can check out and adjust the programs, including everyday, indoor, noisy, outdoor, and music.


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