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If they had any control over what gets ranked (and they don’t), they could, at best, make that guarantee for ten of their members. Maybe twenty if you include the second page of search results where very few people go. If there were, the company that created it would own all of the top positions for every valuable search term ever typed into a search box.

The scammers create social media accounts and pay to have their scam message advertised to you in your timeline. As a result of misleading people into thinking it’s a job , it’s understandable why there are few positive reviews and the complaints are what they are. Finally, they say that new apps are added each week, as though it’s your job to simply pick a new app from the list, review it, and collect your weekly pay. In my opinion, this also implies it’s a job. Write App Reviews likely has thousands of members. If one hundred decide to review the same product, there is no possible way they can guarantee each one of them will have their review seen in search engines.

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out. I’ve been there before too, and I understand.

As noted elsewhere, those sites are practically useless. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you also get access to the Jaaxy keyword research tool, which seems decent but is rarely mentioned in lists of the top keyword tools. Many of the “success stories” seem to be salary of juvenile probation officer students making money primarily by convincing other people to sign up for the program. It’s no surprise to find so many WA students actively promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself, since 60% of the core training is devoted to showing them how to do exactly that.

I was lucky enough to have found information telling me that I needed to move my domains and sites BEFORE my membership ended. Wealthy Affiliate makes it appear you’ll have 30 days to move your site, but they deny access once your payment has lapsed. I know personally many people who lost their sites and all their work because of this.

November 11, 2022This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. I’m lucky to make $3K/year in commissions promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the affiliate marketing niche. November 19, 2022This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. November 30, 2022This reviewer has a business relationship with the course creator or a competitor. Don’t expect to earn any money from the free SiteRubix websites you get as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member.

Having said that, I’m not saying you should disregard the program. It’s great that they packaged this information in one place and ordered it for easy learning. It could therefore be a valuable roadmap to get you started. But if a full-time income is what you want, an online businesswould be a more logical option. For example, you might beta test an app for a company once. Maybe six months down the road, they will request your services again.

So, if Write App Reviews has guaranteed 100 people their reviews will be seen, it has to be a lie or a misstatement. A study of billions of search results shows that roughly 88 percent of all clicks go to websites on the first page . For example, there are only ten results on the first page of Google. On occasion, a few less and in some rare instances, a few more. But most of the time, only ten websites make the first page. No one can guarantee search engine rankings.



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