Must-Watch Christmas Caper Episodes of Your Favorite Mystery TV Shows


Valerie Fergus-Johnson gets in contact with Barnaby, and tells him that she was her father’s carer from the age of thirteen, and that Simon had toured the world before inheriting the manor. Simon and Tabby row as the manor lies in disorder, ignoring daughter Pippa. Pippa decides to wonder off, going in search for Dev Kardek, a student obsessed in the paranormal. When she finds him he seems busy writing his PhD. The progression of John B guiding, trusting and acknowledging the new DS Nelson is fun to watch. And I must say, this episode has a plethora of absolutely beautiful women.

The episode focused on nine years after Ferdy Villiers committed suicide at the family home of Draycott Hall, the extended Villiers family gathered to celebrate Christmas. Midsomer Murders is a popular British crime-drama TV series, which started airing back in March 1997. Here is the complete Midsomer Christmas episodes list. He does a lifestyle piece for the paper and he is there in his capacity as a critic to review the hotel on Crickle Valley.

This episode was filmed during series seven, but it was broadcast as part of series eight. Nelson later discovers that Ollie is in fact Mel’s brother, and was once Valerie’s lover. He also discovers Ollie was sent off after causing an accident. However, Ollie never did cause the accident as the real culprits were Conor and Ross.

Conor’s widow Mel is stunned to learn he was cheating on her with her singing teacher, Felicity Hearn. More secrets are spilled when it appears Conor had attempted to negotiate with Fergus to buy the haunted manor, but the discussion was fractious. Beliefs continue to lure in the air when Ross Clymer, landlord of local pub Blacksmith Arms, brands his pub as an “original haunted site”. There’s also a recording of the night Conor died, with a ghost-like girl’s voice in the background.

Cadfael Set 3 (Starts 1/7) A 12th-century Benedictine monk, played by Sir Derek Jacobi, who uses his worldly knowledge, to solve crimes. Don’t forget, Acorn TV has special programming for the holiday season. It’s called Most Mysterious Christmas Specials and features our favorite detectives Poirot, Rosemary & Thyme, Foyle, and Midsomer Murders. This is only available on Acorn TV for a little while longer, so check it out as soon as you can. Everyone knows what Christmas means in Midsomer – murder.

This is also good news for Stuart as this could really mean good things for his hotel. A positive review from Angus means success for a hotel. The problem is that Angus has previously rubbed a few people the wrong way who are now working at the hotel including the Chef. Yet it is a surprise to everyone when Angus is found dead one morning. This is when Rosemary finds out that Angus wasn’t exactly the nicest guy around as a few people in the hotel are not all that bothered that he is gone.

The part well, then who they are makes no difference only the character they portray. It is the kind of film that appeals to a wide range of ages and makes you think a little but not too hard. As little as possible of the gore is shown, mostly you have to imagine the worst but this works well.

Always loved Midsummer nights murders. But everyone who has been with Barnaby is brilliant All actors are excellent. Great show so engaging l do not like it when the adverts are on has the show is that good haha. Simon’s wife Tabby keeps close contact with Ross. Brendan has high hopes that Conor’s death will boost the café and shop he runs with wife Libs.

Maigret – Series 1(starting 12/31) Equipped with rigorous logic, uncanny judgment of character, and, his signature pipe and fedora, Maigret relishes the challenge of solving any mystery. Slings & Arrows – Series 2 (starting 12/24) A dysfunctional Shakespearean theatre troupe struggles with artistic egos and conspiratorial board members. Partners verzuz apple music in Crime – Series 1 (ends 1/27) Spirited dialogue, posh Roaring ’20s style, and devious mysteries abound in Agatha Christie’s tales of the crime-solving couple Tommy and Tuppence. Monroe – Series 1 (ends 1/20) With a dose of House’s dark humor and an infusion of humanity and warmth, Monroe is a gripping medical drama at its best.

He’s thrown straight into an intriguing mystery in the village of Morton Shallows. A man is fatally stabbed with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a ‘haunted’ manor house. Can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer? This story features the first appearance of DS Charlie Nelson portrayed by Gwilym Lee. Take for example television programs shown on Christmas day.



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