Not Seeing Glute Gains? Here’s Why


The Bulgarian split squat is the best iso-lateral squatting exercise, period. It works to sculpt and defines the sides of your butt in a way that bilateral squats never could. There are some bilateral movements that are worth doing because they have no direct unilateral equivalent, but six of the nine exercises I’m about to list are unilateral. I hope these guidelines will drive home the importance of stress management. As you can see, keeping stress low has the equivalent effect, in terms of recovery capacity, as being one to one and a half levels of advancement higher.

If you incorporate this into a longer workout, put this at the beginning, just after your warmup. But don’t add too much more exercise, even exercise that targets other body parts — seriously, this short workout will tire you out. This workout is designed to be quick and simple, and can be completed in fifteen minutes. If you want to add more exercises, you could add another circuit or two between B and C.

Actually, it’s worse than that — they only train part of the gluteus maximus. As mentioned earlier, the bottom-most fibers of the gluteus maximus are used in hip adduction. Failure to train this movement pattern is the reason so many 1350 sat score women have butts that mostly look good, but lack muscle tone on the bottom, where the butt meets the thighs. Its main function is hip extension, i.e. kicking your leg backward — a responsibility it shares with the hamstrings.

Glute bridges can help you build a good foundation of strength and tone your glute muscles, but at a certain point you’ll max out your booty gains. You also use a smaller range of motion when you do glute bridges, which isn’t as effective for building size and strength. The best part of the glute bridge is that it requires zero equipment or set-up, while a hip thrust workout requires a bench or box for back support, says Belland. If you want to add weight, you can do the move loaded and reap some extra benefits. “The strength gains will be less due to the shortened range of motion and the fact that it’s generally easier to load a hip thrust than glute bridge, but you’ll still get stronger,” says Wickham. It’s the engine that powers practically every athletic movement, from deadlifts to snatches to swings to sprints.

You need to allow at least 2 days between glute sessions to allow for optimal recovery and growth. Make sure you’re foot pressure is always in the heels, never in the toes and at the finish you achieve full hip lockout. That will result in the best glute activation and development. This movement should be mastered with just body weight before progressing by adding a barbell or band across the hips. The key to this type of bridge is to maintain full hip extension, even when pushing out on the band. Push out on the band as far as you can once there allow the knees to come back to the start position and then press out again.

So butts are everywhere in fitness today and for good reason. I would argue that the glutes may be the most important muscle group in the body. Unfortunately, in our sedentary society, we spend much of the day sitting on our butts instead of using them.



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