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Enjoy the familiar characters of Danny and the Bee that are in most all of the books. I want to thank you for the wonderful Danny Books. And, the children are so happy to READ and enjoy and laugh at the books. The look of the Danny books is great! The font is the perfect size; the photos are fun; and the titles are clear. Love the real life pictures of Danny.

The true success of these books is in the care you have given to writing them and making them just right for struggling readers. Your Danny series of books is just perfect for the students with whom I work. And I am speaking as a retired teacher who taught for 39 years.

Kids relate to dogs and events that really happen. Font is big enough for early readers. Pictures go along well with the story. I LOVE that the layout of your books is not too busy, and the pictures are colorful and not too distracting. You both are the best dogs in the world.

The kids at Westwood and Lindsey schools are enjoying the books immensely. They love the stories, yes, but also love arranging and rearranging the books by color, stacking them up, etc. I read your books, and I love them so much. You and Bee are my favorite characters. When I read Danny’s Bee Goes to the Hospital Bee’s eye fell out and he got ripped in the middle.

I can’t believe I am sending a letter to you. Print I Dream of Danny Book Labels for your classroom reading library. Level labels are formatted to print on the Avery Easy Peel® 5160 Labels template. Organize your Danny books in the classroom with a Danny Doghouse, complete with its own chalkboard roof. Use these directions to make our Menagerie Animal Cracker Box to store your books.

I also use them when I am moving kids toward more independence and nearing the end of their program. The look of the Mary Ruth books is very engaging to students. The books have real pictures with lots of bright fun colors. The book size is nice for our small 1st grade hands.

They especially love Danny because he reminds them of their dog, their friend’s dog, a dog that they might have in their lives. I also love the series books, the books with characters the students find entertaining. how to exclude words from a google search We love to read about Danny & Bee. My favorite one is Danny and Abby Play Hospital. How do you get so many books done in so little time? I like your books so much I want to be a book author just like you.

This kind of an accomplishment would help him to strive to be a better student and continue to work hard to overcome his disability. I would personally like to thank you for writing these books with a student’s needs in mind. The Danny Books by MaryRuth Books are beloved and hoarded by our beginning first grade readers.



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