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Biking on the island is also a quality option for many tourists. There are a few important issues to know about if you plan to use Uber in Puerto Rico. If you are not from the US, you can still use Uber, you will just have to use it on Wi-Fi or you will have to get a US SIM card when you get to the island. A few dollars is more than enough when the ride is less than $10. When I was staying in Ocean Park, I took Uber to Old San Juan to check out all the things to do in San Juan. The only way to get out of the airport in San Juan is to take an airport taxi.

We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That’s why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we’ve built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride.

Their reasoning, was that, forcing the group to operate under the same standards as taxi companies would impose to many barriers on those who wanted to become drivers. Puerto Rico has well paved roads so for most purposes a car works just fine. Of course, if you want to do any off-roading, or more adventurous exploring, a Jeep may have benefits, but when I visited a rental car worked just fine for getting around the island. Before driving away from your car rental location, inspect your car for scratches, bumps, and other imperfections. Take pictures of how you received your vehicle, and how you return it, so you can use them as evidence in case of any claim. 📝 Collision Damage Insurance – This insurance is optional, but it’s recommended since it covers theft and damage done to the car rental.

There are a lot of potholes everywhere but on the major highways, and we watched/heard people bottom out their cars just about every single day we were there. Plus, when it rains those potholes fill up with water and you can’t really see them. Here’s what we learned in our recent trip to Puerto Rico . Often, drivers simply take random parking spots along the side of the road. Of course you also have the option of renting a car at the airport, but if you were looking to use Uber once you step off the plane, unfortunately that is not an option.

Taxi’s like to charge pretty high prices to tourists so a private transfer is likely the best option. If you don’t want to deal with overpriced taxi’s or renting a car to drive yourself, there are some other ways to get around in Puerto Rico. If you are looking to use Uber in San Juan, you’ll have a much easier time finding a ride but if you search on the Uber app in Ponce, you’ll notice it often says “no cars available”. After you’ve shared your ride with someone back home, be sure to follow along in your app so you can pay attention to the route the driver is taking.

“At Uber we want to support and accelerate the mobility ecosystem by increasing access to Puerto Ricans and visitors to the island. More than 1.6 million tourists have used the app to get around Puerto Rico. If you like to use Uber Eats then you are in puerto rican nudity luck because Puerto Rico does have Uber eats! You might be surprised to find many restaurants that you are very familiar with in the mainland US. Also, just like sometimes in the mainland US, you can often find delivery fees pretty low in Puerto Rico.

Or you can try booking through a site like, Expedia, Discover cars, or Priceline. Check prices with they will even offer VIP and “name on sign” services. The price to Aguada start $154.65 could be less or more it’s depend how fast the uber driver drive or the surge price. My husband and I are wanting to take a trip, but are curious to know the best way to get around.

© Joel Hartz Many businesses may be located on the side of a busy road. During our travels, we often saw locals park their cars on the sidewalk. Be sure to stay completely off the road to avoid getting a ticket. Beware of road side parking as your vehicle may get clipped by passing cars on the narrow roads.



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