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Twist wet hair with a towel instead of rubbing all over. Thread the top of the hair through the small recess at the front of the product, then down through the deeper aperture at the back of the product as shown in. Hold the appliance around 50-75mm away from your head.

Look for sulphate-free formulas with moisturising ingredients such as glycerin and plant butters. Spent years lusting after Disney-character worthy hair? Trust Tracee Ellis Ross to create a haircare line that encourages every curl pattern to flourish.

Besides increasing curl definition, a curl cream also has great benefits to your natural hair. Air dry or diffuse your hair instead of blowing it out. Using a full blast of heat to dry curls will make your hair texture drier and coarser over time. It’s better to let your curls air dry or diffuse on a low setting so your hair retains its bounce and stays hydrated. The hair will dry with a little more lift than it otherwise would.

It was formulated by an ex beauty editor who couldn’t find anything good enough for her own coily hair, so expect great things. Heavy lotions and thick curl creams aren’t for everyone and can weigh your hair down instead of giving it life. Instead, spritz damp lengths with this ultra lightweight spray that defines curls whilst conditioning them. Finish with a diffuser for the ultimate ‘I woke up like this’ finish.

The milky formula of curl creams helps curls reform in next to no time without weighing them down. Unlike some other shine sprays that are heavy and oily, this one is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your hair, even hours after application. You can spray this formula right after styling your hair with heat tools, or use it as your hair’s pick-me-up throughout the day. Yes, this mousse is marketed for curly girls, but it works just as well on wavy strands, too. We love that unlike other mousses on the market, this pick doesn’t leave wavy or curly hair crunchy, and you won’t have to worry about your hair feeling stiff throughout the day. I love my long, wavy, graying-but-mostly-brown strands, and I’ve tried many products in the past to help define my waves without subjecting them to damaging heat tools.

Separate each layer of hair into sections 3 cm wide. Smooth each section of hair by brushing or combing through the section prior to curling. For extra protection, apply a heat protection spray.

Once you’ve started doing the squish to condish method, a comb should not touch your hair. She attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Journalism. 5) Spray a small amount of S-Curl “NO DRIP” Activator and Moisturizer on scalp and gently protective styles for sleeping massage through hair. 3) Rinse the S-Curl Crème thoroughly from the hair with water as warm as the patron can stand. 2) Comb the S-Curl Crème gently through until an S-Wave pattern appears. For best results, concentrate combing first in the most resistant area then through the rest of the head.

Noughty’s curl optimizing formula defines curls and reduces frizz even in humid conditions. The detangling blend of wheat extract, camelia oil and linoleic acids is scientifically shown to trap moisture in the hair to blitz flyaways and decrease volume and increase hair strength. It’s also important to consider how often you are shampooing and conditioning your strands. “Shampooing every day will strip a lot of the natural oils produced by the scalp that we need to nourish our hair,” explains Maloney. “It’s important to find a brand of shampoo that is going to add plenty of moisture and hydration to your hair while cleansing the impurities that your scalp and hair absorb day to day.” This pick can be used on wet or dry hair, and will be a godsend for those who use heat styling tools regularly.

Human hair comes with all sorts of colors, textures and shapes. These variations are determined by many genes and genetic polymorphisms in combination with environmental factors (and not in the least by hair stylists!). At this point there is much more that we don’t know than what we do know. This extra-thick deep conditioner is particularly great for curly or Afro hair types, with power ingredients like quinoa protein and coconut to revive crunchy curls.

More than just a great addition to a salad, chia seeds contain essential proteins and nutrients needed for super healthy curls. Whether your hair is coily, kinky or wavy, this lightweight vegan serum will have it looking shinier and stronger than ever. Define your glorious curls with Aveda’s hydrating gelee. Formulated with a superfood complex of mango butter, coconut oil and pomegranate oil, not only will it serve your curls their five a day, but it smells good too. Most curl creams aren’t meant to be mixed and matched with one another, but they can play well with other leave-in creams and oils.


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