Raja Vikramarka Movie Review: An uninspiring spy thriller


Tanikella Bharani did well and got good dialogues to make an impression. Harshavardhan did well while Sudhakar Komakula who got an important role is just ok. Raja Vikramarka , an NIA officer instead of getting suspended for his mistakes, is given an assignment by his boss Mahendra . He is asked to oversee the protection of Home Minister Chakradhar in a secret manner as there is a life threat in form of Guru Narayan . The story looks pale with predictable twists and poorly written script. One wonders how could the director convince Karthikeya and the producers of the film.

You’ve seen the love interest angle so many times; it has nothing new to offer. Raja Vikramarka is an NIA agent who works under his boss Tanikella Bharani. As part of a secret mission, he disguises himself as an insurance policy agent. He falls in love with Kanthi , daughter of a sincere Home Minister .

— Raja Vikramarka second half going on a rescue operation to find Home minister’s daughter. A better casting for one of the critical parts in the story and a rewrite is the need of the hour. Also, a better character arc for Sai Kumar track related to the proceedings could have made the narrative spicier.

Much of the film’s problem lies in its shoddy narrative which is repeatedly punctured by unnecessary songs and unintentionally hilarious dialogues. The emotions too fail to provide an insight into the characters. A good spy-thriller ideally keeps the audience engrossed in its intelligent plot, spectacular action sequences, exciting espionage elements, and thrills. But, Raja Vikramarka, directed by debutant Sri Saripalli, fails to create such impact owing to its potpourri of influences coupled with irredeemable qualities. Borrowing its title from Chiranjeevi’s yesteryear film, this Kartikeya Gummakonda-starrer lacks the excitement of a spy-thriller.

‘Raja Vikramarka’ throws logic out of the window. PC Mouli’s cinematography is effective, while Prashanth season 4 yellowstone songs R Vihari’s BGM is another asset. Kartikeya Gummakonda is not as bad as he was in ‘Guna 369′ and ’90 ML’.



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