Sleep with an Onion in your Sock Give me back my toxins. by Emma 100 Naked Words


Claims can be found in both eastern and western societies about the medicinal properties of onions. Some widely circulated claims include putting onions in one’s socks to cure flu-like illness and placing cut onions in rooms to absorb toxins. While onions have some known medicinal properties, there is no scientific evidence about the above claims, and these are largely considered to be myths. As much as believers of ancient medicinal practices vouch for this remedy, there has been no scientific evidence to support the benefits of keeping onions in socks. However, there have been studies that believe onions are rich in minerals like sulfur and have great antibacterial properties, and is good for health, when consumed in the right proportion. Currently, scientific evidence does not support the claim that applying onions to a part of the body, such as feet, could cure illness.

Most respiratory infections are caused by viruses, so antibiotics won’t help. But your doctor can help determine if you have a bacterial infection or other complication that might warrant medication. There is some evidence that your skin can absorb the sulfur-based compounds does cocoa butter help sunburn found in onions, although not efficiently enough to make a difference. In fact, this has been proven with garlic, which shares similar compounds. Were you aware of the fact that the bottom areas of your feet have direct access points to all the internal organs in your body?

However, the reasons that people claim onions in socks work are questionable. Onions are slightly acidic, so they may have antibacterial results if rubbed onto things. However, if used in this way they would be less effective than a chemical antibiotic or bleach. Viruses also require direct contact with a human host to spread. As a result, an onion would have no impact on a virus inside of the body. A 2002 review on the health benefits of onions notes that they are indeed rich in sulfuric compounds.

Take advantage of AAP’s partner content to get the international news that matters to your business, with news feeds delivered via multiple channels including API and FTP. For more information, please refer to ourstandard terms and conditions. “Polyphenolic antioxidants get released in the gut when onions are consumed,” he told AAP FactCheck in an email. It turns out that when it comes to fighting the flu, there are a lot people will try this. They also contain the antioxidant quercetin, which has antiinflammatory effects, and thiosulfinates, which have a “documented anti blood–clotting effect like a baby aspirin,” Havey said.

For example, onions are one of the richest sources of dietary flavonoids, which may decrease your risk of cancer and inflammatory diseases. Onions are also great source of vitamin C, a vitamin that plays an important role in immune function. Regular consumption of the organosulfur compounds found in onions and garlic may also prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2010 review. The downstream products are a complex mixture of [sulfur-based compounds]. Compounds from onion have been reported to have a range of health benefits which include anticarcinogenic properties, antiplatelet activity, antithrombotic activity, antiasthmatic and antibiotic effects. The site says that “long before germs were discovered, the dominate belief was contagious diseases were spread by miasma, or ‘noxious air,’” that onions absorbed.



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