Sportcraft Air Hockey Equipment for sale


AIR Powered Turbo Hockey Table is the perfect option to bring high-level air hockey action to your rec room. Its 84-inch size is large enough for exciting play but small enough to fit your space. Featuring a sleek, low profile design, a high-gloss playfield for smooth action, and flip-up in-rail LED scorers, this table has it all. The centrifugal blower with plenum box provides a reliably even, strong glide across every corner. With added support from sturdy leg panels, this table will stand up to the most intense action time after time. Complete with all accessories necessary to start the game right away.

Accessories like pucks are always included and will not affect the price, but not all pucks are created equally. This handsome air hockey table from Hall of Games meets regulation sizing standards. The surface is perfect for kids but also plenty big for shock doctor neck guard adults. We also like that it has corners that light up whenever someone scores a goal. The puck also lights up as well, but be sure to pick up a few more in case this one gets lost. Everything works great except the digital score screen, wires broken.

Having an account with us will allow you to check out faster in the future, store multiple addresses, view and track your orders in your account, and more. 7 foot by 4 foot Air Hockey Table in great shape. Score feature stopped working but just needs wires reconnected.

Whether you’re a skilled strategist or a fresh rookie, our air hockey tables and parts will keep you entertained with every play. When you want to switch over to table tennis, just pop on the included ping-pong surface and make your first serve. The game provides all the accessories and equipment you need, including two strikers, three pucks, two ping-pong balls, two posts, two paddles, and a net. While the surface is prone to scratches after time, you can’t beat this two-for-one deal that satisfies every kind of player.

This mid-sized air hockey table is great for adults and kids alike. Be sure to recruit a friend when setting up this table because assembly proves very difficult with just one set of hands. If you’re short on space or just want something you can pull out for game night, the Sport Squad HX40 is an excellent choice.



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