Springfield homeless: Volunteers turn OR wrappers into sleeping bags


With the right camping equipment you can make a comfortable base whenever, and wherever. The sleeping bags are waterproof, light-weight, retain heat well and then are disposable when soiled or worn out. There are a few different ways that you could distribute bulk blankets. One option would be to contact local shelters or charities and see if they would be interested in taking some of the blankets off of your hands. Another option would be to have a big yard sale and sell the blankets for a low price.

This type of therapy involves wrapping the affected area in a soft, comfortable blanket. The goal is to increase hydration and reduce itching. While there is no scientific evidence to support the use of fleece blankets for eczema, many people swear by their effectiveness. Below are just some of the items that we currently help homeless shelters across Canada with, at bargain prices. Sleeping bags can wear down quickly and need to be sturdy to help a person survive on the streets in all kinds of weather.

We mainly look after people sleeping rough, and they tell us that blankets just don’t work for them for very practical reasons as weight, bulk and water proofing. The aim of Sleeping Bags For Homelessness is to provide a new sleeping bag to every person experiencing relationship ride or die homelessness and sleeping rough on the streets of major Australian cities. Click the button above to donate using any credit card or debit card. Since the OR wrappers were free, Deanna Carpenter figured it costs almost nothing to make each sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags can be literal lifesavers during freezing cold nights. Every year people living on the streets die from exposure to the cold. Until further notice, we are NOT collecting clothing donations. The bare fact is that buying food costs money, and we need monetary donations more than anything, even with a 100% volunteer workforce. Charlie Orman, a 61-year-old Springfield man who sleeps outside every night, recently talked to the News-Leader about the hardships that come with homelessness. They can reflect heat back to you when placed underneath you in cold weather.

Need help shopping for homeless shelter basic supplies? Always start by consulting with Jody and her team of Not-For-Profit experts. Homeless emergency shelter supplies at up to 80% off. It’s always a good idea to contact us first, because we are fortunate to live and work in a generous city and get many donations offered. We can tell you what our clients need most and who else might have a use for your pre-loved.

Then the wrappers were transferred to the gymnasium, where volunteers sewed them into bags. For the last nine months, Cox South surgeons have collected more than 8,000 of these OR wrappers. These blankets are designed to help keep people warm in emergency situations. They can be used to line your clothing to keep you warmer in cold weather.

Our 24 pack of assorted color fleece throw blankets is just what you need. Warm, soft, and easily personalized, these blankets make a great gift for any occasion. While some items are needed all year round like socks, hygiene kits for the homeless, and blankets, what we need to put in a summer kit is very different than our winter kits.



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