The 8 Weirdest and Strangest Laws in West Virginia 2022


Pink bunnies and baby-blue chicks may be your little kid’s dream, but in Kentucky, they’re illegal! In fact, you’re not allowed to dye or sell any colored baby chicks, ducklings, or rabbits. It’s just as well that these creatures illegal—baby animals make terrible Easter gifts. Livestock animals can carry diseases and are often abandoned by families in parks or animal shelters after the novelty wears off. Stick to bunny-shaped candy and plush toys, if you want to give a memorable holiday gift.

You can file for an extension, but it might be simpler to just make other arrangements, such as moving on to another state or just drifting to international waters. In Fenwick Island you can’t tailgate or otherwise picnic around your car between midnight and 6 am. Big bummer for Dover’s late-night minor-league baseball league, but we’re sure this one’s pretty easy to abide by for everybody else. In Boulder, you are not permitted to roll (or “throw, or otherwise move”) any boulders on any public property.

For example, in Salem, West Virginia, it’s against the law to eat candy less than an hour and a half before church service. Like Mama always said, “don’t buy junk from a drunk.” In Wyoming, purchasing scrap “metals, rubber, rags or paper” from an intoxicated person is prohibited. Next up, learn the 25 funny international laws you’d never know were real. The next time you seek out supplies for a DIY project, pay special attention to the sobriety status of the person from whom you’re buying. In Wyoming, it’s illegal to buy paper, rubber, rags, or metals from a person who seems to be drunk.

Nonetheless, their long existence and lawmakers hesitancy to revoke them illustrates Virginia’s antiquated legal opinions on private matters. Federal courts have scorned state sodomy laws for years. In 2003 the United States Supreme Court held that states cannot ban private non-commercial sex between consenting adults. Undeterred Virginia held onto its crazy law and continued to prosecute people for violations.

Making road rage even rage-ier, it is illegal to swear or curse upon any street or highway in Rockville, Maryland. Anyone caught swearing faces a misdemeanor charge, effectively having to add $100 to the city swear jar. Any person who attempts to pass off margarine, oleo, or oleomargarine as real butter is guilty of a simple misdemeanor in the stat of Iowa, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $625 fine.

They’re not allowed to put the hind legs of farm animals in boots. But there hasn’t been a naturally occurring whale in Oklahoma in… Whaling is banned in Oklahoma, which at first may how to make a priest costume seem like a great idea — after all, whaling is banned in many places around the world to protect declining whale populations. Pooh is banned from all playgrounds and children’s areas.

In South Bend, Indiana, it’s illegal for monkeys to smoke cigarettes. Apparently cigars are okay, but only if the monkey goes outside. Husbands are allowed to beat their wives — as long as they do it on a Sunday, in public. People have to give “audible warning” when passing another car going in the same direction.



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