The 9 Best Crochet Kits for Beginners


Because the yarn is premium acrylic, you’ll be able to wash it by machine — a convenient aspect considering the functional purpose of this item. Stitches are also simple to do and master, making it a great starter project for crafters with little to no crochet experience. In your package, you’ll find four skeins of white light worsted yarn , six smaller skeins of colored yarn, a crochet hook, a wool needle, and a pattern.

The molded rubber grips made these hooks much more comfortable to crochet with. We tested out all the hooks head-to-head with a variety of different patterns and stitches. That said, this kit is probably more suitable for somewhat experienced crafters because you will have to assemble pieces besides crocheting. Your bag will have finished dimensions of 25cm x 7cm (2.8 in) deep x 14cm (5.6 in) tall. You can also find another option by this seller with slightly different dimensions if you prefer a different look. I’m Krista, and I’ve been creating modern crochet patterns since 2010.

This pattern uses basic stitches in a variety of fun colors but you get to pick your own colors. These kits take much of the guesswork out of finding just the right yarn and hook size. If you’re crafty or looking for a sewing machine, check out our best sewing machine review. For this metric, we looked at each of these kits from the perspective of a beginner.

Take a look at some of our favorite learn to crochet kits that are easy enough for crocheters just starting out, and so pretty that even advanced crocheters won’t want to miss out. For the aspiring young crafter, look no further my first crochet kit than this crochet kit for kids, which includes two plastic crochet hooks, a plastic darning needle, and five small spools of yarn. The instruction booklet is illustrated for true beginners who are right- or left-handed.

However, we strongly feel the Mira crochet kit, with its high-quality yarn and the included resource library, is a great option for beginners, and we readily recommend it. Crochet kits are a fun and easy way for beginners to start learning how to crochet. These crochet starter kits have everything you need for your first project, including high-quality crochet hooks, easy-to-read patterns, and plenty of beautiful yarn. A very portable crochet hooks kit packed neatly in a convenient crochet bag. The set includes 9 hook sizes, 6 yarn needles, 10 stitch markers, 2 stitch holders, foldable scissors, measuring tape, a ruler, and a row counter.


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