The Best Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat Treatments Cosmetology School & Beauty School in Texas


A flat paddle brush should be your weapon of choice when you want to battle static and frizz and want to smoothen down your straight tresses. A French braid is a great way to curl your hair all the way up. Whereas a typical braid will only curl your hair from the nape of your neck downward, a French braid can curl even close to your scalp. For best results, make sure you do two French braids, one on each side, or you might end up with an uneven curl that only follows along the midline of your scalp. Dryness and damage can weigh your strands down, sapping its elasticity and preventing curls from bouncing back into shape. Getting rid of dry, damaged ends with regular trims helps ensure your curls stay fresh and healthy.

That means that your hair shaft isn’t the same thickness all the way through, which can make strands more prone to breakage. If you have a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer, put it on. This spreads out the blast of air from a single stream through multiple channels to enhance curl and reduce frizz. If there is no diffuser and you can remove the nozzle, do that to create a wider stream of air. Training your hair into “waves” can help give you the appearance of curly hair, even if it’s not strictly-speaking curly. And weighs it down over time, making it less likely that it’ll be able to curl.

Snoop Dogg, often seen with straightened hair tied back or with braids, has styled his hair in waves to create some of his most iconic looks. Harry Styles, who frequently changes things up with different haircuts, has been seen wearing intentionally messy curls and waves that look great. And at the moment, waves and curls are definitely on-trend. While you may have reservations about investing in a blowdryer (or what’s more, a blowdryer attachment), you can’t argue with the results. Using a specialized diffuser will help to distribute the application of heat, giving your curls some serious volume while preventing frizz and flyaways. Just apply some sea salt spray to slightly damp hair, then work the diffuser through your curls on low heat and low intensity.

Here, we recommend R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste, although you’re welcome to attempt these steps with a similar product. Read on to check out some examples of trending curly and prose for curly hair review wavy haircuts that can transform your look. Heat protectant sprays protect your hair against heat damage caused by heat equipment, which can cause curls to dry out or frizz.

Wash your hair 2-3 times a week with lightweight shampoos and conditioners specifically made for wavy hair. Spritz your style with a frizz-fighting hairspray to fight humidity and keep your curls in place all day. A frizz-fighting hair oil helps moisturize, define, and smooth curls and waves without weighing hair down.

If you don’t naturally have curly hair, you can take a shortcut to bouncy, beautiful curls while you sleep by using some tried and true hairstyling hacks. For those of you who opted to add in step 5 or have longer curls, or type 4 hairit may be helpful to go ahead use the blow dryer. Men’s Hairstyle Trends was created by the site founder to help young men improve their personal style.

To achieve this look, make an appointment with a barber who specializes in curly hair and ask for a dry cut. When curly hair is cut dry, it’s easier to see the shape of the haircut evolve with each snip. This allows the stylist to make adjustments to the haircut throughout the appointment. Diffusers are great for men with curly hair because they help your curls to retain their shape. Simply put, a curl pattern refers to how curly your hair is. Very loose textured curls are called ‘waves.’ Then come the more defined ‘curls’ that follow a proper spiral pattern.



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