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It’s incredibly easy to create another free email account and second phone number to use solely for direct ship forms. You can sign up for a free email account from many different providers, such as Gmail for example. Use the same burner email account for all of your direct ship forms.

UpfreebieShane’s Freebies is the final site you should definitely have in your arsenal. The author Shane has put together a fantastic list of offers that you can signup for. Consumer QueenConsumer Queen has been helping people save money since 2008 through her blog offering many tips and advice on how to save money.

These are the only pieces of personal information that the seller should need. You can investigate offers using Facebook groups, Reddit forums, and more to make sure they are genuine. Read to the end of this guide for more information on avoiding direct shipping scams. If you can avoid giving out your personal mobile number, home address, and main email address, then do so.

There are thousands of products you could potentially get for free. By liking and following vendors’ social media pages, they get the publicity. This is the least you can do in return for the free goodies you will receive.

Aside from the many listed above, you can also search for your local city to see if there’s a group dedicated to freebies only. The nice thing about these groups is that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always create a post and see if the community can help. Before you do, however, always make sure you search the group to make sure your question/concern wasn’t posted in the past. Inside these groups, you can post something if you wish or you can simply see what others are saying.

Maybe you get baby clothes and don’t have a baby, or maybe the clothes don’t fit, or the beauty products aren’t that great. Filling out a Google Docs direct ship form is really easy. You simply click on the Google Doc link, and you’ll be taken to the corresponding form. stock twits sofi You are applying for FREE stuff, so DON’T give anyone information like your credit card or social security number! This is a huge red flag and indicates that it is a scam. They just consolidate and organize them and send you on your way to each specific vendor.

NO.You should NEVER be asked for any banking or credit card information on a direct ship form. If you are asked to provide any sensitive details such as this, this is a clear sign that it’s a scam and you should not fill out the form. If 100 other people have filled out the direct ship forms, then this will reduce the number of items you receive and when.

This way your confidential information will not be leaked and your main email address would not become flooded with junk. Any email service provider can be used including free options like Gmail and Yahoo. Or save them for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. Whether you play World of Warcraft, StarCraft or Overwatch, you may be looking for ways to get a free Blizzard gift card to help with your subscription, etc. It can be done, and it’s the reason I wanted to create…

There are ways to fill out direct ship forms and still protect your privacy. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to follow the seller on social media, like their Facebook Page, Twitter handle, or Instagram account. You’re getting free stuff, so they’re just asking for a quick follow in exchange.

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