Three Strand Twists On Fine Hair


This is a cute, casual alternative to your twisted look. Comb a dab of coconut oil or hair gel through each section of hair. The particular products you use depend on your hair type and desired hold.

Twists are a great option for naturalistas of all textures and curl patterns. Twists, or two strand twists, are a specific hairstyle where you take two locks of hair and wrap them around each other. Twists are quicker to complete than braids , and they’re a fantastic how to clean fuzz out of a hairbrush option for protecting your natural hair with minimum tension while maintaining moisture. Plus, taking them out creates an entirely new style. Twist hairstyles can last anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on the style and whether you use extensions.

Singer Mabel McVey updated a braided ponytail by opting for a two-strand twist natural hairstyle. Your curl cream will be the key product for your twist out. Once your style is set, and you’re ready to take it out, swipe a lightweight oil down each hair twist to do some further smoothing and to add shine. You can also reapply these shine-enhancing finishers every few days to help minimize frizz and help your twist out last longer.

You can run water over your braids to make sure they’re clean every day. After all your hair is twisted completely, take the ends of your hair and dip them in hot water to seal the ends. Use a towel to pat dry your hair before allowing it to air dry. Do not wipe them roughly with a towel as the twists might unravel.

I find the steam in the shower frizzes up my hair WAY too much if it is left uncovered. If you did your twists when your hair was damp, you need to allow your hair to dry completely before unraveling your twists. Do this for all of your hair to create a more advanced twist style. After you create your first twist, grab a section of hair right next to the twist to make your next one.

Take a page out of Olivia Rodrigo’s book and try these side braids. Bring the section of hair closest to your neck over top of the other 2. Look in the mirror as you twist your hair so you can clearly see each strand. Move the strand closest to your neck over top of the other 2 strands to reposition it on the opposite side. Separate the hair into 3 even sections as if you are braiding it.

Try new gorgeous hair colors and completely dazzle. This hairdo is super laid-back and easy to accomplish. After twisting your hair, tie it in a high pony. Braid your hair and tie it at the end to secure the hair.

Then tie two elastics around the last quarter of your hair on each side. Pull up some of the hair above the elastic to loosen up the pigtails. This spikey bun for straight hair gives me major early ’00s vibes.

Weave your hair into a loose, messy braid to mimic this look. Looking for a hairstyle that shows off your playful side? You can try big side buns or small ones as well. Classy and elegant, this bun Senegalese twist updo is perfect for those hectic work schedules. Keep twisting till the very end until it tapers as it reinforces the strength of the braid. If it unravels at the end once it’s done, then you’ve done it wrong.


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