What color New Year’s Eve underwear should you wear in Spain?


Buy some grapes, pack a suitcase and take care choosing the color of your underwear on Monday. Those are just three New Year’s Eve traditions in Mexico with which you can kick off the new year. You’ll see this color all over Lunar New Year celebrations. That’s because red symbolizes fire, and it is thought to bring good luck and good fortune. This act ensures that the individual enjoys good health and a long life ahead.

So pack objects and clothing you’d take on your fantasy trips — bring ski gear if you want to hit the slopes or bikinis if you’re eyeing the beach. A popular tradition — particularly among young people — is taking a piece of luggage around the neighbourhood to have the good fortune to travel later the year. Although some traditions aren’t always widespread — depending on your family, country or region — here are a dozen that are practiced across Latin America and the diaspora. Another superstition says that you should hold some money while stepping up onto a chair, using your right foot first, to signify moving up in life and attracting richness. Hence the importance Learn the meaning of colors (look here!) and above all, formulate with awareness, presence and faith New Year’s goals . Evil spirits hate loud noises, so the louder and crazier your party is, the more likely ghosts will never make it in the house.

We are so excited to be bringing you a list of Hannukah events and celebrations in… At midnight, having enough cash in your hands to make it rain at midnight is another Latin American tradition. The more cash you have, the better your fortune is believed to be in the new year. “It’s new underwear — it has to be new,” Villagomez chuckled. In some circles, people also have to wear them inside-out until after midnight and then flip them in the new year.

My mom always asked me what color I would be wearing for my New Year’s Eve underwear. Not because she was genuinely interested in my fashion choice, but more so she could tell me what would be in store for me for the New Year. Some believe the luggage trick only works if it’s full.

Or watch from the private terrace of The Chatwal’s Producer Suite. It features a cozy fireplace and a spiral staircase leading up to the large roof deck with a view of Times Square. Celebrate Reveillon, the second largest celebration after Carnival, at Belmond Copacabana Palace with front-row seats to Copacabana Beach fireworks. After dinner, there’s access to the terrace overlooking the beach, a live band, and an all-night pool party with an open bar.

Before the celebrations start, some Portuguese will make their bed with new sheets to bring happiness to their love life in the year ahead. Just like Christmas, the celebration begins with a family dinner, and even more holiday sweets. Some local governments organize big celebrations in town squares such as in the Zocalo of Mexico City where some of the largest how to say 102 eggs in spanish celebrations in the country take place. Make sure your freakum dress is white.Brazilians believe that celebrating the new year dressed in all white will attract good luck and bring you peace. You’ll also get red wine and cognac stains all over your outfit, so plan accordingly and buy a cheap dress. In Turkey, pomegranates are symbols of abundance.

If you really want to impress the other members of your party, learn the other verses . In Japan, it’s traditional to eat “toshikoshi soba,” a dish with long, buckwheat noodles that’s served hot or cold. The noodles symbolize longevity, and the hearty buckwheat plant represents resilience. Also in Brazil, if you head to the beach, you can increase your luck by heading to the water and jumping over seven waves.


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