Why Butterfly Locs Should Be Your New Hairstyle For Fall


This guarantees that your curls are in the healthiest possible condition before leaving them untouched for several weeks at a time. Since butterfly locs is a relatively new trend, there aren’t a lot of companies producing pre-loc’d hair. If you want to achieve the butterfly loc look without putting in too much effort, you can save on time by getting pre-loc’d hair. Irrespective of what kind of hair you use and the technique you apply, you will need a lot of time to get the butterfly loc style. It is time-consuming, and you can’t get around to making this commitment.

Make sure your butterfly locs are fully and thoroughly dry after a wash. Even though your natural hair is fully covered, you still need to take care of your scalp. This is where having a solid hair care routine can help extend your style and keep your scalp clean. Toyotress, Janet Collection, and Niseyo all have pre-loc’d butterfly locs. As the trend grows, more brands are likely to start putting out their version of this product as well.

“It ensures that the client isn’t left with tightly wrapped, stiff, or painful locs.” Repeat the same method all over until you’re satisfied with the length and look of your butterfly locs. Wrap one side of the freetress hair on the other side and loosen your hold on the base while trying to achieve the butterfly effect look with your locs. Irrespective of your hair type — short or long, you can always make butterfly locs. Faux Locs are incredible but a messy bohemian version of the hairstyle is having a moment. Ensure that you wrap about 6-7 times at the base of your hair to keep it firm.

There are a couple of ways to install the butterfly locs on your hair, we would be showing a step-by-step method on how to achieve the butterfly locs using the crotchet method. The best part about doing this hairstyle is that it’s carefree and boho, so there’s no need to be perfect. If you have to add more hair as you go or if you create one too many loops, you’ll still be met with beautiful butterfly hair as a result. Also, keep in mind that if/when you do wash your locs, you’ll want to make sure you dry them THOROUGHLY.

Add a fiery red to your black butterfly locs for an extra pop. To seal the ends of your butterfly locs, you can use two methods. Repeat the same method all over your head until you’re satisfied with the length and look of your butterfly locs. Ensure that once you wrap the base you loosen your hold and start wrapping it lightly occasionally using the thumb method as you move along to give it the distressed look.

Part your hair into sections and apply the non-stripping Wash Day Delight Shampoo directly to your scalp. Be gentle and rinse directly at the scalp, avoiding drenching your locs more than necessary. Remember, there are layers of hair here, so it will take your hair a while to dry. The more gentle you are, the longer your butterfly locs will last. It’s also important for your hair to be nice and moisturized.

In some cases, it may not be possible to achieve the look you want without using extensions or other artificial hair products. Check out 25 more butterfly locs hairstyles featuring butterfly locs tutorials and the type of hair that’s used. The pack of extensions you need depends on how full and long you want your butterfly locs to be.

You can also shampoo the scalp and let the product run through your locs when rinsing the hair. The most common way is to make a kind of knot at the end of a loc and wrap the remaining piece of extension hair up the shaft. Pressing the hair with a flat iron or fixing the ends with a hair clue are alternative methods. Going red from roots to ends is the surefire way to garner attention and make your butterfly locks pop.

For the wellbeing of your natural hair and the best appearance for the entire time, butterfly locs should stay in for up to 8 weeks or two months. Butterfly locs are a variation of distressed locs prose pre shampoo mask directions intended to provide a more authentic look and feel than the usual perfectly smooth faux locs. For those with fine natural hair, adding extra hair can give the locs a fuller, more voluminous look.

This bouncy, curly hair will give you that boho look you’re going for. You’ll need roughly six to eight packs of water wave hair to create your locs. If you want locs that are longer than your natural hair, you can also use marley braiding hair to get extra thickness and length before you start the loc process. Well, like the majority of protective hairstyles, you can achieve butterfly dreads in a number of different ways. They may require different skills, effort and amount of time.


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